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At Agilisys, people are at the heart of all we do by ensuring that our digital first approach delivers innovative solutions for the real issues facing the organisations we work with, and the citizens they exist to support.agilisys-employee-ownership-logo

Which is why it made absolute sense for us to invest in the people that can truly help us to continue to grow and succeed and who know us best. In April 2015, Agilisys proudly became an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT), modelled on the approach of mutual companies such as John Lewis.

Agilisys was born out of a passion to bring people and technology together to help us deliver success. Through employee ownership, we are now able to share this passion with the hugely talented group of people who make the business what it is – a high impact, highly successful team.

This new model allows employees to have greater engagement and ownership in how the business operates and will be able to add value to ensure future growth and achievements.

Employees are now even more involved in the running of Agilisys; not only ensuring that plans are in line with the experience of people working at the coal face and boosting productivity and motivation, but also vastly improving employees’ wellbeing and working environment.

Following the Nuttall Review in 2012 and legislative changes in 2014, the government has wholeheartedly endorsed such employee-owned business models. Matthew Hancock, the new minister for the Cabinet Office, singled Agilisys out as a great example of the use of employee ownership and reiterated the government’s “total support” of the model.

We are delighted to have secured the future of our organisation in this way. Independence and longevity is key to delivering the service our clients want and the EOT model is a perfect fit for our business.

If you would like to find out more about Agilisys as an employee owned organisation, please email: EOT@Agilisys.co.uk

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