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Agilisys recognises and accepts its responsibility to minimise, wherever possible, its impact on the environment. Through properly developed and executed practices, Agilisys seeks to sustain and improve its own environment and contribute to the protection of the local, national and global environments.

Agilisys employs technologies that reduce our impact on the environment. By making use of telecommunications and computer networks that substitute for, or reduce the need for paper-based messages and travel, Agilisys positively contributes to the overall well-being of the environment, and reduces the need for valuable resources.

We promote amongst our employees an understanding of environmental issues and an appreciation of the importance of Agilisys as an environmental agent, in order to minimise our:

  • Energy and carbon footprint
  • Waste generation and resource use
  • Supply chain impacts

1. Energy and carbon footprint reduction

Agilisys conserves energy wherever possible. We use the minimum quantities of energy possible in accordance with the safe and efficient operation of our heating, lighting and equipment.

Agilisys develops and operates its buildings in a manner which will conserve resources and minimise environmental impacts. We will ensure that the potential environmental impacts of buildings projects will be assessed and minimised. Where we self-govern our premises, we will reduce energy consumption and resource use, and minimise waste generation. Where we are tenants we liaise with building operators to adhere with building environmental initiatives and work to improve environmental performance where we can to reduce energy consumption.

2. Waste and resource reduction

Agilisys conserves resources by minimising its generation of waste. We do this by reducing the acquisition of new materials, re-using materials, recycling existing materials and, if the former are impractical, disposal by a means which will have least impact on the environment which conform to statutory requirements. Wherever possible, disposals will include a measure of refurbishment of IT equipment, so that other agencies may use them again, and in particular, this reuse will be directed at charitable agencies, who will be able to re-use at least cost.

In addition, in order to comply with statutory national and global initiatives for waste management, Agilisys dispose responsibly of outdated equipment, and use authorised suppliers of waste management services and local authority disposal sites, with the appropriate registrations and certification to provide the audit trail of such disposals.

Agilisys has a commitment to prevent pollution.

3. Supply chain impact reduction

Agilisys conserves resources wherever possible. We source goods and services, which do least harm to the environment in their production, delivery and packaging use, re-use, recycling and disposal. We seek to purchase from local or regional suppliers that will maximise Agilisys’ input to the local community and minimise transport. In particular, we purchase IT equipment that saves energy, and/ or can be returned on lease, for re-use. Where possible, we seek to balance the purchases of furniture by using those suppliers who support sustainable forestation, or follow carbon neutral policies.

In essence, we will play a role in protecting and enhancing the environment by:

  • Encouraging a progressive reduction in the consumption of non-renewable resources
  • Minimising waste and developing sustainable and cost effective waste management arrangements
  • Understanding and promoting any natural and historic environments and protecting it for future generations in the locations where Agilisys operates
  • Contributing to overall quality improvement as a continuous process, to reduce the use of non-biodegradable and ozone-depleting materials, and solvent.
  • Complying with national and local legislation and approved Codes of Practice, and maintaining our standards of Corporate Social Responsibility.



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