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Agilisys recognises and accepts our responsibility to minimise, wherever possible, our imprint on the environment. Through properly developed and executed practices, in particular the development of green technologies, we seek to minimise our energy and carbon footprints, lessen our supply chain impacts and reduce our waste generation and resource use.

Reducing our impact

Within all our buildings, we aim to enhance sustainability and minimise environmental detriments. In line with this, our new office complex at the Barking and Enterprise Centre incorporates a number of innovative environmental features, including a ‘brown’ bio diverse roof to enhance bio-diversity, solar power panels, motion-detection lighting throughout, and close energy monitoring.

In recognition of these achievements, the centre has been awarded an ‘Excellent’ score from BREEAM (British Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method).

Innovating green solutions

We understand that technology is a powerful tool in the quest for environmental protection, and we are constantly looking at ways to develop and innovate new ways not only to reduce our own environmental impact, but also to help the wider community do the same.

A particularly high-growth area of our business lies in the world of cloud computing, something which not only optimises our clients’ IT provision but also makes a significant contribution to reducing CO² emissions across the board.

We also regularly work with our local authority partners to assist them in the development of green technologies.  Some notable projects with the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham include the launch of a new mobile phone app that enables local residents to report environmentally damaging incidents on the spot and the introduction of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDi), which enables council staff to work more flexibly, thus reducing the environmental impacts caused by commuting.

Reviewing our practices

As a company founded on the idea of innovation, we know that developments in the environmental arena never stand still. This is why we continue to review our practices and actively encourage staff to suggest changes that can be rolled out across the company.

One key initiative we have introduced is a programme of infrastructure virtualisation across our data centres, resulting in the majority of our shared core infrastructure now being based on a virtualised platform. The power savings associated with this move are considerable.

In a 2008 report the Butler group identified that power saving in the order of £78K per 1000 PCs per-year can be realised by moving from a full desktop PCs infrastructure to a server-hosted desktop virtualisation solution. Agilisys currently supports more than 23,000 PCs per-year so in power consumption alone our total carbon footprint has been radically reduced.

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