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No business can operate in isolation and we are very aware of our position as an integrated member of an interconnected marketplace, the health of which is vital to our own success. By trading with local suppliers, fostering community regeneration and contributing to sector research wherever possible, we are investing in the future – both for our own business and those of our partners.

Promoting small business growth

As an organisation that has grown from entrepreneurial roots itself, Agilisys has an intimate and in-depth understanding of the specific needs and possibilities presented by SMEs. This heritage is something that informs all of our business decisions and activities.

Agilisys has a long and successful history of working as a procurement partner with a range of local authority clients. Throughout this work, we adhere to our ‘Trade Local’ strategy, obtaining services from small and medium sized businesses in the area and actively fostering their development.

Our commitment to small business growth is further evidenced through our support of the inaugural Public Procurement Briefing event, held in conjunction with Number 10 and the Cabinet Office to examine how government can encourage and benefit from greater inclusion of SMEs and local businesses in the procurement process. 

Fostering local regeneration

There are many ways in which we work to support and grow local businesses and entrepreneurs, whether through the provision of facilities, funding or expert advice. One example of this in action, and one of which we are very proud, is the Barking Enterprise Centre (BEC).

Launched in November 2011, BEC provides a number of services to help stimulate and support entrepreneurial growth in the borough. At the heart of this project is a low-cost, fully serviced office complex for use by start-up and developing ventures. The centre’s burgeoning success continues to attract new businesses to the area in direct support of the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham’s high-profile inward investment strategy. 

Advancing knowledge

We are strongly committed to growing levels of digital engagement in the public sector, transforming services that make a difference to millions of people across the UK, and our Agilisys Digital platform is one manifestation of this commitment.

An exciting element in this focus on innovation is our sponsorship of the Digital Leaders Programme, which brings together influential leaders from a range of backgrounds with a view to optimising the delivery of citizen centric services in a new age of digital government.

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