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Our people are the heart of our business. We know that by ensuring our workforce is properly supported, encouraged and developed we will boost performance, innovation and enthusiasm, enhance trust and attract and retain the best staff.

Investing in potential

Operating under the banner of the Agilisys University, our clearly structured, year-round  learning and development  programmes ensure that our employees have every opportunity to grow within the company and excel in their own careers.

We also have our own learning management system, which offers a regularly updated interactive online learning tool that both provides e-learning courses and training tools and acts as a community hub for staff members engaged in training. 

Supporting our workforce

Marshalling our systems and technology expertise in support of our broader commitments to equality and diversity, we are able to offer flexibility around hours and working locations. This approach results in reduced absenteeism, improved staff morale and heightened productivity, as well as allowing us to recruit and hold on to top talent.

In recognition of this flexible and supportive approach, Agilisys was awarded the North West Local Employment Partnership’s Commitment to Diversity Award. 

Celebrating excellence

Agilisys is built on the dedication, creativity and talent of our team members, who are passionate about the fantastic work that they do. In fact, our team is one of our most valuable resources – and it is important to us that that they know that. Our Rewarding Innovation prize scheme encourages and recognises innovative thinking from our staff members with public congratulation and financial rewards.

Agilisys staff are also regularly recognised and rewarded by the partner organisations with whom they work, such as Barking & Dagenham council, who have presented Council Staff Stars accolades to team members working within our Elevate East London joint venture.

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