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Channel shift? Maybe it’s time to get a bit more social

New - Real time dynamic profiling of social trends in your community

Agilisys Engage -a unique & powerful software tool in use by many councils across the UK – now has the capability to harness information on Twitter by analysing tweets in real-time to identify what people in your local community are talking about.

Engage Twitter Tracker enables you to stay in-touch with, and relevant to, your local community. It ensures your web content remains fresh and current, reflecting key topics of citizen interest.

Key features of Agilisys Engage Twitter Tracker:

Keeps you up-to-date  with current opinions and interests of your local community

Enables your council to create well-informed social media campaigns to drive channel shift and promote a ‘do it online’ approach

Finds and analyses  trends around your website content, current council initiatives, local issues and more

Target your website content and social media content much more effectively. With Engage Twitter Tracker you can dynamically surface website content which most closely matches what people are talking about online

To find out more please download our brochure today. Or for further information on additional features of Engage, please contact:  info@agilisys.co.uk

“We were delighted to be awarded some funding from the LGA and as part of our transformation agenda we will be running a 6 month pilot deploying web chat to engage with our citizens in a different way. As such we are delighted to be working with Agilisys and using their behavioural change tool-kit, Agilisys Engage for this pilot. There are a number of unique features that also compliment the web chat functionality such as geo-profiling to direct information based on customer location, and we are excited by the prospect of using Engage to help improve customer experience and assist in the transition to self-service”

Southampton City Council

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