The public sector is facing a post-election landscape characterised by pressure to drive improved service at lower cost. Meaningful service transformation will require powerful technologies and new ways to deliver services. Artificial intelligence (AI) can offer both.

Once considered radical, AI can now work in ways that have never before been possible. Legitimised by the material difference it has made in the private sector, research has proven that Automate has the power to:

  • Improve customer journeys
  • Reduce clerical administration costs by an average of 74 percent
  • Provide a return-on-investment of 600 percent over three years

Key Features

Control – Automate gives you full control over how work is undertaken. You teach it, it does the work for you

Intelligence – Automate uses pattern recognition, not key words or templates, and actively learns as it goes

Agnostic – Automate sits alongside existing systems, maximising return from your existing investments

Strategic – Automate aligns to digital and transformational agendas


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