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The transition of staff is embedded in our culture and the way we lead and manage our business.

The majority of our UK employees transferred through TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations) and we have extensive experience and an outstanding track record of TUPE alongside other approaches to staff transfer.

Managing the Transition

We recognise that transition is often a significant concern for the people involved and so we invest heavily in communication and relationships during periods of change, ensuring that everyone affected can participate fully in the transition process and be welcomed into Agilisys quickly and smoothly. Typically, Agilisys already has individuals working in similar roles to those who will be transferring into our organisation, the majority of whom will have transferred in themselves.


Our typical approach to a staff transfer involves detailed due diligence and understanding of current contractual Terms and Conditions of employment and operational procedures, combined with a consultative approach for individuals and with employee representative groups such as Trades Union. We encourage early engagement with individuals, including one-to-one meetings to understand their personal and career development needs and ways of working, and transferring individuals will have the opportunity to share knowledge and learn from a wider group of peers in the same field of expertise.

Terms and Conditions

Agilisys has an excellent reputation as a fair and consistent employer, and to this end we honour terms and conditions and benefits such as Local Government Pensions. TUPE is very important to Agilisys and is a top priority for our people strategy with all of our partners.

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