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steven_2Steven Beard


“When fundamentally you are a people business, the most important aspect of your future is to ensure you continue to attract the very best people. One of the things that excited me about Agilisys was the team of dynamic and impressive people I knew I’d be working with. Now as CEO, my top priority is to make sure we keep finding, developing, and retaining such excellent people – shaping our growth through a combination of the requirements of our customers and the capabilities of our team.”

Charles Mindenhall

Chairman, co-founder

“I think Agilisys attracts the very best people from across our industry because we have such a huge ambition to engage in innovation and transformation and to really change the way services are delivered. We’re willing to innovate, willing to experiment, and as a result the best people want to work with us to build their careers.”

Tom Fennerty

Senior Transformation Consultant
Joined: 2012

What do you do at Agilisys?
I work for Agilisys Transformation as a senior consultant. Since joining, I’ve collaborated with public sector clients on a wide variety of projects.

I work with key stakeholders to develop and deliver new initiatives to improve the services they provide to their customers. My role has ranged from organisation-wide strategy and policy development, to detailed design of customer processes, through to capturing requirements for new technologies.

I’ve acquired in-depth knowledge of customer service, information management and health and social care. I really enjoy the variety and new challenges of my work and the opportunity to build strong, productive relationships with clients.

What attracted you to Agilisys?
I joined Agilisys at the start of 2012. Previously, I’d spent five years in a range of strategy, policy and project management roles within a local authority. I joined Agilisys because I wanted to become part of a dynamic organisation. I now work in a more challenging environment and have had the opportunity to develop a more rounded set of skills. After two years with Agilisys, I can honestly say all my expectations have been met.

Would you recommend Agilisys as an employer?
Yes. For me, the main selling points are the people and culture. At Agilisys I’ve had the support of excellent colleagues and I’ve learned a great deal. In return I’m expected to take an active role in supporting more junior colleagues, which I find a fulfilling aspect of my job.

It has been refreshing to work in an environment where people are encouraged and empowered to develop new ideas and our highly successful Agilisys Digital product is testament to this.

nigel_1Nigel Muirhead

Products Director
Joined 2005

What do you do at Agilisys?
As Products Director I am responsible for the portfolio across Agilisys which includes our market leading Agilisys Digital platform.

What attracted you to Agilisys?
I joined Agilisys 9 years ago and was attracted to the vibrancy and innovative approach to the market – coupled with the entrepreneurial spirit of the co-founders which is still very much alive today!

Would you recommend Agilisys as an employer?
Yes – it’s an innovative, fun environment, but we do hard work, so if that is in your ethos and you like a challenge then it’s definitely for you!

Managing Partner, Agilisys Digital
Joined: 2009

What do you do at Agilisys?
I am the Managing Partner for Agilisys Digital so have overall responsibility for the success of the solution, the sales and the delivery of our market leading digital platform.

What attracted you to Agilisys?
When I was initially contacted by Agilisys, the company’s values – innovation, integrity and passion – came across very strongly as being important to everyone who worked there. These values have provided the working environment to create our innovative Agilisys Digital platform, and are what keep me here.

Would you recommend Agilisys as an employer?
If you want to make a difference, if you want to stretch yourself, if you want to have fun in the working environment – then I would, without hesitation, recommend Agilisys.

Simon Merrick

Managing Consultant
Joined: 2013

What do you do at Agilisys?
I’m responsible for building and delivering consulting business as a Regional Partner in the South West of England. I work with the partnership team in North Somerset to deliver consulting support as well as our other strategic accounts in the south west of England.

I am also the lead for Next Generation Public Services and have led dialogue on the subjects including the transformation of customer services and business support, channel shift, mobile working and health and social care integration, as well as playing a key role in defining the transformation approaches. I have also developed methodologies for assessing and improving the agility of an organisation, I write case studies and am constantly on the look out for new suppliers to support our technology enabled consulting activities.

The momentum in areas such a mobile working is moving at a fantastic pace, so we have to keep up with technology curve. It is very satisfying to be able to work out a strategy with a client and then be able to work with clients on the delivery of that strategy.

What attracted you to Agilisys?
I had worked for large consultancies and global service companies for around 20 years, but always felt like a small cog in a very large machine. Agilisys isn’t small, with over 1,700 employees, but upon joining I quickly felt able to influence, was given immediate responsibility and felt valued. I could see how my own actions could influence the success of the organisation and this was a day one experience. Apart from a few introductory morning meetings on my first day, I was interviewing over 20 new interns in the afternoon.

Agilisys’ credibility in the public service IT market and in some private sectors is highly rated. What was most attractive was that I perceived Agilisys’ success to be based on its ability to deliver, not just its brand. Added to this, the company has invested significant sums into its own product portfolio and I was convinced. The result being that the company often beats larger and better known competitors in its chosen markets. The culture too, although demanding of its staff, is very collaborative. This is partly because of its size, but also because the people are so focused on delivering a great service for the clients; the clients like us too.

Would you recommend Agilisys as an employer?
Agilisys is a great place to be successful, to learn and share in the rewards of the work. Experienced, creative and driven individuals will thrive in this environment. From a growth perspective, Agilisys is still small enough to feel like a small company, but we often win against our larger competitors and so we grow quite quickly. There are many different opportunities given the breadth of technology, services and partnership models which Agilisys uses to engage with its clients. It is not surprising that at the end of 2013, TechMarketView identified Agilisys as ‘on a roll’, ‘one to watch’.

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