Agilisys (Head Office)

26-28 Hammersmith Grove London, W6 7AW

Why Agilisys?

Steven Beard, CEO

“When fundamentally you are a people business, the most important aspect of your future is to ensure you continue to attract the very best people. One of the things that excited me about Agilisys was the team of dynamic and impressive people I knew I’d be working with. Now as CEO, my top priority is to make sure we keep finding, developing, and retaining such excellent people – shaping our growth through a combination of the requirements of our customers and the capabilities of our team.”

Charles Mindenhall, Chairman, co-founder

“I think Agilisys attracts the very best people from across our industry because we have such a huge ambition to engage in innovation and transformation and to really change the way services are delivered. We’re willing to innovate, willing to experiment, and as a result the best people want to work with us to build their careers.”

You’ve seen what the company CEO and Chairman say – click on the links below to read what other members of the Agilisys team have to say about why they joined Agilisys:



Dougie Reid
Service Director
Joined: 1st April 2005 – TUPE Transfer from Cumbria
County Council




Graham Davies
Enterprise Architect
Location: London
Joined: 10th April 2000