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21st Century Public Services – Capturing the Cloud

Sean Grimes, Director of IT Services, Agilisys

 Smarter use of technology has long been heralded as a means of delivering services more efficiently. So with the cost saving benefits of migrating and managing services in the Cloud almost universally acknowledged, why are so many Public Sector organisations struggling to realise its full potential?

There is no denying that Cloud Technology is creating as much disruption as the dotcom boom and Harnessing the Cloud – Evolution not Revolution, a recent Agilisys sponsored report based on a survey by Digital by Default News, made for interesting reading on this very topic.

The survey findings revealed that organisations recognise the potential offered by the Cloud to unlock savingsthrough mobile working, rationalising property, replacing existing legacy systems and reconfiguring their data centre requirements. Others saw the the Cloud as an opportunity to modernise services whilst drastically reducing their technology spend.

Yet we know from our experience of migrating more than 35 customers to our own secure Cloud platform, that the real challenge is to reduce and transform existing technologies before migration. Failing to do so simply moves the cost to the Cloud, whereas tackling the issue before migration can reduce costs by up to 50%.

In conversations with our customers, we know that they recognise the potential and are committed to moving to the Cloud, but progress is variable, with many feeling challenged in addressing a number of constraints. This is particularly true when dealing with the migration of legacy systems as well as concerns relating to data security and compliance.

We have also learnt that successful migration and management of services in a Cloud environment requires an ecosystem of delivery partners, infrastructure providers and niche technology partners. To achieve both regulatory and governance requirements as well as maximum cost advantage, this mix is likely to include both specialist providers as well as a global hyper-scale player.

We will be hosting a webinar on 23rd November 2016 11:00 – 12:00 GMT looking to help organisation’s understand how to capture the true benefits of the Cloud.

Joining me is Richard Zaltzman, Public Sector Director at Microsoft, and between us we will uncover the challenges and discuss how leading organisations are overcoming the constraints typically associated with migrating to the Cloud.

The discussion will be facilitated by Cloud industry expert and advocate Andrew Gough and will include key findings from the aforementioned report.

We recognise that customers’ technology needs are evolving more rapidly than ever before. Demands and expectations from citizens and the workforce require solutions that are flexible and scalable, as well as cost effective. By helping customers to unlock the potential of the Cloud, we are supporting them to create 21st century public services, which make a real difference to the lives of millions of citizens.

Register here to join our webinar titled: 21st Century Public Services – CAPTURING THE CLOUD, featuring Agilisys and Guest speaker Richard Zaltzman from Microsoft.

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