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Talent Acquisition and Engagement: Why bother?

Katy Snowdon, Talent Acquisition Partner at Agilisys, provides an insight on how Employee Engagement impacts Talent Acquisition Employee Engagement and Talent Acquisition is a two-way communication between our organisation and our prospective talent. It is no longer an optiona ...read more »

Mind the (gender) Gap: Women in Tech

The technology sector is growing at an incredible rate. In Britain alone, the sector is set to grow four times faster than GDP this year, according to a survey by Barclays, and the UK will need one million people to fill the jobs in the technology sector by 2020. Roles and fu ...read more »

If data is your sweet spot, could it also be your weak spot?

As National Cyber Security Awareness Month comes to an end, we are forced to confront the vulnerability of our ever-growing data. In light of this, Simon Merrick discusses ways in which organisations can use a virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) to help protect ...read more »

The adoption of Cloud in the public sector

Sean Grimes is a Founder Member and Director of IT Services with Agilisys, one of the UK’s leading providers of digital technology services to the Public Sector. Digital by Default News sat down with him to talk about the recent launch of Agilisys’ Community Cloud solution, the  ...read more »

Agilisys ‘knows’ about customer service

      As National Customer Service week comes to an end, Agilisys is delighted to announce its partnership with Knowledge Powered Solutions (KPS), an independent software vendor specializing in automated information management solutions. The additio ...read more »
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