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What do you do at Agilisys?

Over the past year or so I have worked across a number of our accounts, including Cumbria County Council, Sandwell, and most currently in Rochdale, playing a key role in defining the strategic approach for our service offerings, developing the methodologies for providing system analysis, middleware development, service management and application development. This is after originally being responsible for leading a dynamic team of IT professionals, all delivering services to Cumbria County Council from our base in Carlisle.

My position allows me to build strong working relationships with both our customers and other Agilisys employees throughout the country. Mixing all of the above together I feel valued, motivated and enjoy working for Agilisys.

What attracted you to Agilisys?

I TUPE transferred from Cumbria County Council when the Cumbria/Agilisys Partnership was established in early 2005. I was interested in transferring because I knew I could grow more rapidly, increasing my responsibilities, and also expand my experience in Local Government by working with other Agilisys partnered councils to share ideas and best practice. The other attraction was the thought of working with their private sector clients at some stage. This opportunity came to fruition in March 2008 and I was the Service Delivery Manager for two high profile clients, before returning back to Cumbria after a busy year gaining a great deal of experience.

Would you recommend Agilisys as an employer?

Absolutely. In my experience Agilisys is a company with the vision, the drive and the skills that allow us to compete and win contracts against organisations 10 times our size. The partnership model which Agilisys promotes is a breath of fresh air for our customers and means we build strong, sustainable client relationships. I feel this promotes employee security to develop and gain world-class experiences with world-class clients.

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