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What do you do at Agilisys?

I am responsible for developing technical strategy for some of our London local authority clients. Currently they have ambitious plans for improvements in customer services, optimising and making more cost effective their services and focussing them to the residents’ needs, especially in creating opportunities for self serve on the web.

To achieve this we have gone back to basics in understanding who the customers are, what their needs are and how they consume services. This has involved undertaking a segmentation of our clients’ customer bases, understanding how each segment wants to deal with the council and what their drivers of satisfaction are. This has then helped inform the shape and architecture of ICT needed to deliver this transformation.

We are also looking at the role of CRM and business intelligence in service transformation to provide a holistic view of how customers are consuming services and how councils are meeting and improving their KPIs. This Business Intelligence also draws information from finance and HR so helps councils reduce the overhead of gathering management information and insights into areas for optimisation.

What attracted you to Agilisys?

I joined Agilisys a number of years ago – and what attracted me back then was that it was a young, diverse company with a lot of bright enthusiastic people who had a great ‘can do’ attitude. The company was doing exciting things in the Internet space and I felt I wanted to do something different (I was in finance and banking before). Agilisys has grown significantly since then, and it has certainly matured, but I believe that the ethos (including diversity) still holds true and is still a major attraction for potential employees. There is still a great buzz about working side by side with the company founders and knowing you can have a direct influence on company strategy. I don’t believe there are many organisations where this is true – there are no artificial constraints on opportunity here.

Would you recommend Agilisys as an employer?

Without a doubt if that person was looking for an opportunity which allowed them the flexibility to shine in a challenging role which would otherwise not be open to them in a more hierarchical organisation.

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