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Digital Inclusion

We are on the edge of the next digital revolution with automation challenging our thinking and opening up opportunities for new digital strategies in your organisations.

But where to begin? We believe the best place to start is by up-skilling your team as their digital skills will be integral to achieving digital inclusion.

To learn more watch our vlog.

Digital nudge and demand management

Leeanna Pitt, Digital Principal Consultant for Agilisys in our latest vlog instalment, ‘Digital nudge’. Leeanna explains the opportunities of using ‘nudge’ principals in the public sector to drive up channel shift, generate revenue and drive down unnecessary demand.

Smart Cities and Connected Places: Transforming community experiences

Smart cities are fast becoming a reality around the globe. More than just the latest buzzword for the digital generation, smart cities are a highly strategic way to enhance and maximise physical infrastructure to provide a ‘frictionless’ digital experience for anyone who lives in, works in, visits or maintains city spaces.

But what is a smart city, and what does it do? In this vlog Leeanna Pitt will delve into this top topic.

Artificial Intelligence: what are the benefits of a digital workforce?

Advances in technology suggest that a fourth Industrial Revolution is fast approaching. Although this may worry those with manual, repetitive or labour intensive jobs, it’s important to focus on the 2.1 million new jobs that will be created by the changes taking place today. In this vlog Leeanna Pitt will touch on the subject of the AI civil servant.

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