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Agilisys Knowledge

Improving customer experience and accelerating channel shift

Simplifying access to information across your organisation and delivering knowledge on demand

Agilisys Knowledge is a dedicated Knowledge Management solution that simplifies access to information across your organisation utilising an Artificially Intelligent, self-learning platform which understands “natural language” and delivers knowledge on demand, consistently across all customer touchpoints. As a result, you can deliver better customer experiences by giving access to the right information, at the right time, from any location and through any channel.

Agilisys Knowledge allows your organisation to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction, engagement and loyalty
  • Deliver better access to service
  • Understand customer needs and adapt knowledge appropriately
  • Provide consistency of knowledge across all channels
  • Reduce calls to your contact centre
  • Increase first contact resolution
  • Encourage internal collaboration.

Engage Customers through Knowledge

Agilisys Knowledge allows individuals to search for information in their own way, using their own language and terminology. Users simply ask questions digitally in exactly the same way as they would via the telephone or face to face. Whichever channel a customer or citizen uses to contact your organisation, Agilisys Knowledge delivers information based on a best match, with the platform’s self-learning capability ensuring searches become even more accurate over time.

Refine Customer Service

As well as delivering an exceptional customer experience at the point of contact, Agilisys Knowledge allows your organisation to evolve its customer service offering by analysing the information most frequently requested. Information becomes easier to find, query handling times are reduced and gaps in knowledge structure can be easily identified.

Transform your Contact Centre

Agilisys Knowledge transforms the efficiency of your contact centre by delivering a centralised knowledge management resource that increases online self-service, first contact resolution and document maintenance. At the same time, it reduces call times, call escalations and avoidable calls. Agilisys Knowledge can power all your customer contact channels – your self-service website system, email, telephone, social media and chat – through the same centralised knowledge base.

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