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Agilisys Quality & Insight

Agilisys Quality & Insight (AQI) provides a range of independent Quality Management and Customer Insight Services that are designed to help customer service and sales operations on the journey to deliver exceptional Customer Experience, improved Employee Engagement, and more robust Compliance.

Independent quality evaluation

Our team of experienced and expert quality evaluators offer shared best practice, gained from working across diverse organisations and sectors. We provide impartiality, flexibility and scale to match your requirements. We will work remotely to offer you replacement or complementary resource to evaluate both ‘soft skills’ and specialist knowledge.

Online evaluation and reporting platform

With our partner, Agilisys has developed a powerful online evaluation and reporting platform, enabling quality, CSAT, and mystery shopping evaluations. The platform provides an actionable and compelling range of trend data from ‘macro’ to specific ‘micro’ level, accurately highlighting areas of success and development. A reporting and analytics suite enables company-wide engagement in quality, with tailored reporting views for all employee levels from front-line staff through to director level.

Voice of the customer – 360 degree view

Organisations want more accurate and effective ways to understand what customers or citizens really think. AQI has developed both automated (reactive) and manual (proactive) channels for gathering customer insights. By blending IVR, email, and phone survey data with internal QA data, you can attain a 360 degree view of the customer experience.

Find out more about how Agilisys Quality & Insight can help you to transform your operations:

Voice of the employee

Great service delivery starts with highly motivated, well trained, engaged and empowered front-line employees. It is not always easy to get an accurate, impartial, and consistent picture of how your employees are performing, however. Agilisys designs, implements and delivers employee surveys incorporating combined response channels to give you the insight to make impactful changes and transform your operation.

Benchmarking and mystery shopping

Customers have growing expectations of service channels, availability, and quality of delivery. The starting point for every improvement strategy is knowing exactly how good your service is today. We provide mystery calling, emailing, web, social media and post services, enabling us to evaluate and benchmark your service in a highly targeted, specific, and consistent manner.


AQI specialists work across a wide range of sectors and industries. We offer practical guidance, advice and support. Agilisys can help design, redesign, or refine QA and insight processes. We share best practice, including advice on evaluation approach, form design, and guidelines.


We provide training courses and delivery expertise to help up-skill employees. Training focuses on delivery of exceptional service, and can be tailored to an organisation’s specific industry and operational needs.

Total quality management

Many clients engage us to deliver a full end-to-end solution, shaping the journey to customer service excellence and transformation. We provide initial benchmarking to assess current service delivery, CSAT to assess customer satisfaction levels, consultancy to identify training needs and process improvements, and a training programme to plug knowledge and skills gaps. We offer ongoing QA evaluation, and periodic CSAT assessment and benchmarking to evaluate improvements.

Specialist partner

Agilisys knows quality and insight from the best possible experience: running customer service operations ourselves for more than 15 years. We manage over 13 million customer journeys a year facing the same challenges that you do. We understand the context in which our services can make the most impact. We have developed strong industry, legislation, and service knowledge. We offer the impartial expertise that allows you to improve.

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