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Automatically process all of your incoming correspondence

Automatically process all of your incoming correspondence

  • Reduce costs by automating tedious manual paper processing tasks
  • Boost productivity and spend less time sorting correspondence
  • Flag up bad data before it impacts your organisation
  • Redeploy staff in citizen-facing roles

Lower Operating Costs

Fewer personnel are required to perform the clerical tasks associated with document categorisation and routing

Improve Productivity

Key personnel can focus on delivering your business objectives instead of clerical tasks

Faster Processing

Information can be read quickly and inserted into line of business systems with instantaneous validation checks

Exceptional Information Quality

Information read from documents is accurate; there is no potential of mis-keying

Greater Regulatory Compliance

Integrated systems ensure that all data is traceable and recoverable easily and quickly

Better Customer Service

Documents progress through your systems more quickly, enabling you to focus on customer experience and communication

Find out more about how Agilisys Automate can help transform your organisation:


Automate uses pattern recognition to interpret context and decide what to do with a document as opposed to key words or templates. It also enables cross-referencing across core business systems data to validate against business rules and reply/notify if required.


Automate can handle both structured and unstructured documents. It receives, reads, learns and understands the meaning of unstructured content. It also automates labour-intensive tasks and decision making to accelerate performance and productivity without limits, even in the most complex environments.


Detect and protect your business from the cost and impact of bad data. Automate guarantees that only accurate and relevant information flows into your business systems and can recognise documents and data in-flight, ensuring that important information is captured and that your critical checks and measures are applied.


Agilisys Automate gives you full control of business processes and will alert an operator if the artificial intelligence isn’t confident in its understanding. You can monitor and visualise your inbound information processes in real-time with key data displayed on your desktop wallboard or mobile.


Keep your documents and data connected at all times. Access source documents instantly from within your line of business systems or search for anything that Automate has ever processed from your secure Automate web portal.


Automate sits alongside all of your existing systems, protecting and maximising your previous digital investment.

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