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Agilisys Care

Agilisys Care

Agilisys Care solutions help people manage their own health and wellbeing, and make better decisions about the advice and support they need. By enabling self-service wherever appropriate, local authorities can transform social care provision. They reduce costs, improve efficiency, manage demand more intelligently, and deliver better support to those people who need it most.

Read about how Agilisys Care clients are transforming their services. Swindon Borough Council, Thurrock Council, Birmingham City Council

Better outcomes

Our digital solutions connect communities and organisations that provide care services, enabling better partnership working and supporting multi-agency working. We also encourage sharing of information with the appropriate permissions and controls. This joined up approach delivers better early intervention and prevention support, consistent assessments, reduced waiting times, and focused help for the most vulnerable.

Saves money

Local authorities face major challenges in funding social care for tomorrow’s ageing world. Authorities can make significant cost savings from engaging citizens in self-serve social care solutions that require minimal intervention, and reduce the cost of assessments, support planning, and care commissioning decisions. Our innovative digital solutions also support a more cost-effective model of connected social care, health and wellbeing partnerships.

Improves customer experience

Many people nowadays want less intrusive and more personal care services, delivered via convenient digital access. We help authorities deliver a much better customer experience, supporting self-directed care alongside improved connections to family, friends and community. Our solutions enable people to understand, fulfil and manage their needs in a simple-to-access, intuitive and customer centred design format. They have the choice and control to determine their requirements, plan their support, and choose the best care package.

Find out more about how Agilisys Care can help to transform your organisation:

Digital power

Innovative modules support users with Information & Advice to identify and signpost most appropriate services, Assessments and Planning to start the self-help journey, including financial and package assessments, and Marketplace for purchasing services and care products direct from providers – including community and private providers.

Specialist partners

Our partners provide collective strength, with specialist expertise in supporting social care. Their value includes knowhow about independent living, self-help tools and monitoring, online social networking, and online GP consultations.

Sustainable platform

Self-service is a big step towards a broader, economically viable social care model that helps people to live longer, healthier lives within their communities. It integrates care, health, and wellbeing support, providing the joined-up support people want. It cuts cost of assessments, care commissioning, and back office processing, so authorities can focus on prevention, early intervention and people with complex needs.

Flexible for the future

Digital solutions help local authorities plan for an uncertain world. The data insights they generate can be used to measure use of services and gaps in provision, and shape care strategies. Care Act compliant, digital solutions are easily reconfigured to meet new legislative requirements.

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