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Empowering your citizens to go Digital First

Empowering your citizens to go Digital First

  • Tried and tested easy-to-implement next generation customer relationship management (CRM) platform
  • Saving local authorities between £50k and £500k with a typical return-on-investment in the first year
  • Encourages citizens to go digital first for council services
  • Enables dozens of functions – from e-billing to pothole reporting – online

Saves Councils

We help councils across the UK build on the power of digital self-service to engage citizens and deliver savings by improving front and back office efficiency. We offer an easy-to-implement, low-cost, scalable platform to digitally enable all key transactional services.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

Simple to use, totally intuitive and available 24/7, the Agilisys Digital platform allows your customers - citizens and local businesses alike – to interact with you on their own terms and when it’s convenient for them.

Improved Income Collection

Working across mobile, telephone, tablet and desktop, Agilisys Digital gives you unparalleled insight into your customers’ needs. Allow your customers to access all of your services in one place, tracking their needs and triggers across sectors and channels.

Find out more about how Agilisys Digital can help transform your organisation:

One and Done Transactions

We offer 16 innovative core modules with full end-to-end capability. Take full control of services including eBilling, council tax, housing registrar, visitor permits and more. Back office integration means that your citizens can self-serve across sectors 24 hours a day with one simple sign-in.

Next Generation CRM Tool

Agilisys Digital’s CRM solution provides a seamless and consistent cross-channel experience for citizens and staff alike, replacing expensive traditional CRMs.

Behaviour Change Toolkit

Agilisys Engage, featuring our innovative Webchat functionality, enables you to deliver personalised content to your users at exactly the right moment. Change customer behaviour through Amazon-style recommendations and well-timed ‘nudges’, increasing channel shift potential for all online services.

Open and Scalable

Protect your existing digital investments and create a unique experience for your customers by plugging services directly into the platform. Citizens create a personalised account with a single sign-on.

Proven Track Record

The Agilisys Digital platform is transforming an ever growing number of local authorities across the UK. Our Founder Club authorities are pleased to share their experiences of how the platform has enabled a seamless online experience for their citizens while generating significant savings.

Full Customer Experience Platform

Demand for high quality digital access is on the rise. As citizens and businesses access local authority services in a growing number of ways – be it via smart phones, by telephone, or in person – Agilisys Digital ensures that your customers have a consistent, high quality experience whichever method they choose

“Implementing the Agilisys Digital Platform has enabled Barking & Dagenham to move 100% of our Housing Benefits applications to digital channels using a mediated self-service to support our diverse customer base, as well as offer all council tax and rent transactions digitally to our customers including the complex change of circumstances transaction. This will help us realise significant reductions in processing time and cost, and has already helped to improve our customer satisfaction ratings with over 90% of our customers rating the service as excellent or good.

We’re so confident the platform works we’re looking to extend it to further services over the coming months, as we continue our journey towards becoming a truly ‘virtual’ authority. We also see a longer-term opportunity to reduce costs further and get better insights into our customer behaviours by using the platform in place of our costly CRM system –as it captures all necessary information and provides a wide range of insights and analysis to help us shape our customer service going forward.”

Sheyne Lucock, General Inspector (IT), Barking & Dagenham Council


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