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A powerful personalisation platform, transforming your users’ online experience

A powerful personalisation platform, transforming your users’ online experience

  • Manage and forecast citizen demand and change behaviours to drive the shift to digital
  • Optimise the value of every website visitor and reduce the level of inbound citizen phone calls
  • Deliver exactly the right content or information to the right person at the perfect time
  • Orchestrate and understand your citizen’s journey on your websites

Improves Customer Satisfaction

Through the power of secure and anonymised profiling, Agilisys Engage learns from citizens' online behaviour and adjusts accordingly, delivering a personalised experience, increasing engagement and driving the shift to digital channels.

Promotes Behaviour Change

Agilisys Engage gives you hard data on how and why people come to your website, how well each segment of the population engages with and uses online services, and how each page of content on your website 'performs', creating opportunities to improve engagement and drive the shift to digital.

Saves Councils

Reduce inbound calls to your contact centre, drive channel shift and help direct online visitors to the services they need via proactive Roadblocks and Signposting, supplemented by our integrated Webchat function for assisted self-service.

Find out more about how Agilisys Engage can help transform your organisation:

Behaviour Shaping Toolkit

Automatically deploy tools such as Signposts or Roadblocks at exactly the right time in a user’s journey, directing visitors to information or points of process delivery quickly and maximising successful outcomes for individuals and the local authority.


Reinforce the use of your website ahead of other channels by offering a fully integrated and assisted self-serve module, built around Webchat, to targeted people at the optimum point of their engagement.

Behavioural Insight & Analytics

Engage moves ahead of conventional web analytics by measuring visitor purpose with content engagement, allowing you to visualise and trend typical journeys and outcomes.


Identify a citizen’s geo-profile, providing additional opportunity for content personalisation while further enriching analytical reporting choices.

Dynamic Surveys

Profile and target online surveys by citizen group, council service, geographic area and device. A more intelligent deployment capability maximises click-through potential and feedback levels.

Social Media Tracking

Harness Twitter activity within your local community, analysing tweets in real-time to identify current social themes, enabling you to target your own social media and website content.

“I was astounded at just how many citizens replied to the survey in such a short time frame. Engage has saved us time and money; we are just starting to see what is possible. This will dramatically improve the feedback we can provide to all internal departments and Cabinet members and will help us to further improve our services to citizens.”

Ellen Salkeld, Service Level and Quality Manager, Elevate East London


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