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Putting data and analytics at the heart of your revenue recovery strategy

Putting data and analytics at the heart of your revenue recovery strategy

  • Understand and unlock the full value of your debt portfolio
  • Improve service to citizens in arrears
  • Reduce bad debt
  • Benefit from the latest private sector collection methods
  • Collect arrears without interruption to you services


Data Insight

We offer a free diagnostic on any outstanding portfolio. With access to extensive datasets, our bespoke analytical evaluation will identify the optimal cleanse, segmentation and placement strategy to unlock potential.

Increased Liquidation

We'll undertake robust in-house data-driven collection activity on your behalf, followed by the highly effective execution of debt placement strategies with external collection agents to maximise returns.

Seamless IT Integration

Agilisys Revenue Collection will seamlessly incorporate data from local authority billing systems with no further IT system implementation required.

Find out more about how Agilisys Revenue Collection can help transform your organisation:

Strategy Development

We provide an aggregated recovery and enforcement service that gives local authorities access to the tools and strategies widely used across the private sector to improve debt recovery.

A True Partnership

Agilisys will work as an extension of you collections and enforcement teams, with remote system access to manage all debtor queries.

Compliance and Control

Agilisys Revenue Collection delivers compliance and control across a broad panel of enforcement and debt collection agencies, enabling multiple placements and individual customer treatments.

Flexible Commercial Terms

We offer flexible commercial terms designed to generate uplift for your local authority with no capital expenditure.


Agilisys Revenue Collection recoveries management can be used on both in-year debt and aged debt. We have a proven record of collection uplift success across many debt types.

Improved Customer Experience

By utilising our 'Single View of Debt' principle, we are in a unique position to offer an improved customer journey for your citizens in arrears.

“Agilisys' professional approach to debt collection has delivered significant additional income into Hammersmith & Fulham over an eight month period, significantly improving the council's financial position.”

Jane West, Hammersmith and Fulham Executive Director for Finance and Corporate Governance


Some of our Agilisys Revenue Collection clients & partners

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