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Agilisys Mobility

Secure and manage your entire mobile estate

Cloud based enterprise mobile managed services powered by IBM Mobile First

  • Integrated security across all your mobile devices
  • Ensure compliance with all company protocols
  • Incorporate all mobile devices including BYOD
  • Deliver savings from provisioning to decommissioning
  • Provide 24/7 support  for users

Secure & compliant

Agilisys help organisations meet the needs of their workforce to work anywhere and everywhere delivering enterprise mobility management (EMM) to ensure mobile devices in complex and non-standard environments are secure and meet internal compliance requirements.

Cloud based SaaS delivery

Our SaaS based solution delivers complete lifecycle management for your entire mobile estate. It is a 24/7 agile and flexible service with the capability to on-board new vendor feature simply and quickly. With highly competitive modular pricing to ensure you only pay for what you need and use.

IBM Mobile First

IBM Mobile First is a Gartner Magic Quadrant product and with IBM MaaS360 provides a comprehensive enterprise mobility management platform to secure and manage all your mobile devices, apps and content. Combined with the end to end management and 24/7 service centre from Agilisys, it delivers a comprehensive, secure and powerful EMM solution.

Device Management

Enrol all mobile devices in your enterprise environment and configure settings and compliance standards remotely. Manage simply and efficiently from a central admin console

Container Management

Create separation of corporate and personal data on mobile devices, ensuring security as well as privacy for your employees with secure email and browsing options. Enable enterprise security with a secure application container for enterprise and 3rd part SDKs and apps

Mobile Application Management

Acquire, distribute, secure and track your mobile applications across employee owned and corporate mobile devices – all through a central management portal

Mobile Enterprise Gateway

Protects your internal network from potential security threats generated via mobile devices

Telecoms Expense Management (TEM)

Our TEM service via selected partner companies, allows you to analyse and validate all your inventory and billing so you can make fully informed management decisions to optimise and reduce your telecoms expenditure

Pro-active Service management

A dedicated service manager to manage all aspects of your mobile estate. A bespoke service that includes management reports, regular meetings and proactive management of your current and future requirements

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