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Agilisys SIAM

Deliver maximum efficiency and superior user experience

SIAM and Service Desk to optimise your complex IT supplier ecosystem

  • Enhance the productivity of your existing IT ecosystem
  • Improve the user experience
  • Reduce and manage costs
  • Deliver single consolidated view of your IT performance
  • Embrace further multi-sourcing opportunities

Manage complexity

The combined Agilisys SIAM and Service Desk solution delivers a single consolidated view of IT service performance for management. Our proven process framework and in depth experience delivering for local and central government clients, ensures we can drive performance and help drive a future multi-source IT strategy

Reduce risk

With Agilisys you can experience the benefits of IT service management without the associated direct costs or risks. Our combined SIAM and service desk function is entirely UK based ensuring data sovereignty and security. We are certified to ISO27001 (Security) and ISO20000 (Service Management) international standards and our key performance indicators are recognised as upper quartile by Gartner.

Simplify and reduce costs

Our utility based pricing and pre-defined service catalogue ensures total transparency and predictability of costs. Eliminate system and administration expenses and take advantage of savings generated through a genuine multi-source IT future

All UK hosted

Our SIAM and Service Desk solution is 100% UK based, offering a 24/7 service for users, ensuring a superior user experience


We offer a fully transparent utility pricing model with some of the lowest unit costs available. In combination with efficiency cost savings this will deliver proven cost reductions


We are ISO27001 (Security) and ISO20000 (Service Management) certified.


Highly experienced delivering results for local authorities and public sector clients, our modular approach is aligned with industry standards and ensures flexible integration with all IT suppliers

“Blue light” approved

Agilisys SIAM and Service Desk Solutions are approved for “blue light” service clients

Gartner recognised

Upper quartile performance for all key indicators assessed by Gartner

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