Employee ownership

Employee ownership

Opportunity and engagement

Agilisys is one of the largest employee owned organisations in the UK, having made the innovative transition to become an employee owned business in April 2015. Our unique status allows our employees to have greater engagement and ownership in the future growth and success of Agilisys.

The decision to adopt an alternative ownership structure created a means of preserving Agilisys’ employee-focused ethos and ensured the future of the company remained firmly in the hands of those people who shared the same values and visions of its co-founders.

The trust holds the majority shareholding in the company on behalf of all employees and exists to secure the continuation of Agilisys as a successful, independent and professionally managed business for the benefit of its employees, who are the majority owners.

The government has fully endorsed employee owned business models based on research that shows better outcomes as related to business performance, greater employee commitment and engagement and improved innovation.

Being majority employee owned gives us a unique strength.  As seen with other employee-owned firms like John Lewis, it fosters a distinctive long-term approach and a focus on quality and building trust.

If you would like to find out more about Agilisys as an employee owned organisation, please email: EOT@Agilisys.co.uk.

Agilisys employee ownership

Employee ownership gives our employees a voice and a chance to shape the future of the organisation.