Meet Darsen Govinden, Junior Developer in the Agilisys ServiceNow team.

What does your role at Agilisys involve?

My role involves supporting the technical design of the ServiceNow platform for clients, building solutions and processes by working with business units and process managers, supporting maintenance, and delivering continual service improvement to the platform.

This is my first developer role and it’s been a great experience to be so involved with projects straight away. I’m lucky to get the chance to work with a team of expert ServiceNow developers in such a positive environment.

What excites you most about working with public sector organisations?

One of the biggest factors that attracted me to work at Agilisys was the opportunity to work with the public sector. It’s exciting to know that the work we do can have a positive effect on the community around us.

I’ve always wanted my work to have meaning and to know that when I’ve finished work at the end of the day, I can be proud. My parents started working for the NHS in the early 90s as nurses and over the years I’ve heard so many stories about how tough things can be, but they always had smiles on their faces because they knew that they were helping people. I think if the work I do can contribute to making their lives and the lives of people just like them much easier that would excite me most.

By transforming public sector organisations and making them run more efficiently we can give more time for staff to do more of the important things that help our communities.

You’ve come through the ServiceNow junior developer programme – what skills did you learn that you can transfer to Agilisys and the work we’re doing with customers?

Through the programme I learnt about how to use ServiceNow and the benefits of the platform. One project I really enjoyed during the course was simulating a digital transformation for a struggling airline which really opened my eyes to the importance of ITSM and made me realise how many different factors need to be considered to successfully take an organisation from using outdated processes to being a leader in the industry.

When I learnt about what Agilisys were doing to improve customer experience I got excited because I knew that with what I’d learnt I could really contribute to the exciting things that were about to happen here, especially on the ServiceNow side of things.

How can ServiceNow transform public sector organisations?

In the public sector there is a lot of potential and I think organisations can struggle with how they unlock that potential. Most know that making the decision to go through a digital transformation would be beneficial, however, the challenges faced are different to the private sector. Protecting data and complying with regulations is something that must be considered whilst also dealing with stricter budgets.

I believe ServiceNow can be the solution for a lot of these concerns by providing a way to modernise the experience of both the public and employees. By automating repetitive requests, employees can spend more time tackling problems that need specialist skills and consumers can use public services with the same ease that they get from other services. Another great thing about ServiceNow is that it can connect all areas of a business and give a real insight into how everything is running which can result in quick and focussed decision-making. These are only some of the many ways ServiceNow can transform public sector organisations. The opportunities are endless!

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