Meet Karthigayan Naguleswaran, Senior Developer in the Agilisys ServiceNow team.

What does your role at Agilisys involve?

As a Senior ServiceNow Developer at Agilisys, my duties include working with stakeholders and the internal team to implement customer requirements following best practices. In addition, I use my skills to communicate with process owners to recognise potential opportunities to improve their operations using ServiceNow.

With a background in computer science and having worked on many development projects, I have the technical knowledge to deliver solutions that will run efficiently and deliver positive outcomes for public sector organisations.

What excites you the most about joining Agilisys and working with public sector organisations?

The most exciting part of being at Agilisys is that I can work on projects for the public sector. This will be a chance for me to make a positive impact on the lives of others which also gives me a great sense of purpose in my work.

I have always had a passion to be a part of a new and growing practice. It makes me happy that I can apply my experience and be part of a wonderful team that will make Agilisys the best ServiceNow partner within the public sector. Across the organisation, we’ve all got a shared interest in expanding our knowledge and delivering high-quality solutions that will deliver lasting benefits.

What common problems can ServiceNow help to overcome?

Being part of many ServiceNow projects and taking part in workshops, I was able to see how many customers are still using legacy approaches with their IT Service Request Process. It was obvious that the complexity of the legacy system grows when the company expands. By implementing ServiceNow, nearly all the manual steps that customers would have conducted before can be fully automated. For example, instead of an agent having to update multiple external systems manually, this can be automated with ServiceNow which will not only save time but will ensure that data is accurate.

For any organisation, just engaging with a customer is not what makes a great service. Having experience tailored based on different platforms is also important. Therefore, customers should not only be restricted to one form of interaction with their company’s services. ServiceNow helps to overcome this issue by giving possibilities of allowing users to interact their company via a mobile app, a back-end platform for process users and a portal for end users.

ServiceNow overcomes the issues around poor customer service processes due to legacy systems through the Customer Service Management (CSM) product, which allows customers to easily get help from teams by having multiple points of assistance.

These include chat with support, email support, self-help using the portal, assistance with virtual agents or a walk-up experience. Workflows can also be used to route cases to available customer service agents based on their skills. All of these would have been time consuming in the legacy approach as agents would have had to route the tickets manually.

How did you become a ServiceNow developer?

I was first introduced to the ServiceNow platform by the careers department at my university. After doing my research about ServiceNow, I knew that this was something that I wanted to build my career around. I love that the ServiceNow community has thousands of helpful active users, which is superb when you want to learn from other talented developers.

I started off as a junior developer, where I was working with senior developers and architects in delivering solutions. I was also taking on administrator related work, whilst learning the technical side of ServiceNow. With hard work and dedication, I was able to progress to the delivery of multiple successful ITSM implementation projects. Some projects were to implement new functionality from existing customer instances and others were to develop ServiceNow from scratch. As a person that is always hungry for learning new things, I even took part in delivering ITOM and SecOps.

With a degree in computer science, I always liked to invent new concepts and use my programming skills to develop them. ServiceNow is perfect for me because I have the option to come up with new ideas, implement them and publish them to the Store for end-users to download and use.

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