Meet Stacey Brown, Developer in the Agilisys ServiceNow team.

Tell me more about your role here at Agilisys…

My role is a ServiceNow Developer within the Agilisys ServiceNow proposition. My main duties are to work with key stakeholders and process owners to develop solutions, support and maintain the platform, identify opportunities for service improvements and to enhance the platform with new features.

It is a great role. I get to be part of making processes more efficient which can make peoples jobs easier, and the end users experience better. Having worked in service management before moving into ServiceNow, I know the simplest of changes can make a big difference.

How did you become a ServiceNow Developer?

I was working in Service Management when I was first introduced to ServiceNow as it was our ITSM platform. I’ve always been interested in how things work and found myself looking at the technicalities of ServiceNow more and more and asking questions of the ServiceNow team.

I had a full-time job and a family at home but on an evening started studying for my first ServiceNow certification. I was incredibly proud of gaining the certification and that’s when I decided that if I was enjoying it so much to be self-teaching and able to gain the certification then why was I not doing this as my full-time role? And the rest is history as they say.

I love my job and am so thankful that I have finally found ‘what I want to do when I grow up’. I could never answer this question when I left school and sometimes felt a little lost surrounded by friends that had always known what they wanted to do. Because of this I’m passionate about helping people realise that they don’t necessarily need to have a technical IT background to work in the ServiceNow ecosystem, sometimes determination, passion and a thirst for knowledge can be key.

What excites you most about joining Agilisys?

From a ServiceNow perspective, it’s exciting to be part of a new proposition. It is a great opportunity to be part of carving the Agilisys identity in the ServiceNow partner ecosystem and being able to make a difference within the public sector.

I’m also excited to be a part of a company that has its people at the forefront of what they do. Agilisys stood out for me with the many ways in which they aim to make their employees feel included and empower them to be their best selves.

What do you hope to achieve at Agilisys and for the public sector?

On a personal level, I love to make a difference in peoples’ lives, even if it is something small. Working in ServiceNow enables me to do that. If I can make someone’s job that bit easier by streamlining a process or implementing automation to save time and money, then I will have achieved what I set out to.

As a wider achievement I want to help build the Agilisys ServiceNow proposition to be the leading public sector partner in the UK.

What does ServiceNow bring to the table that’s new to Agilisys/couldn’t be achieved before?

ServiceNow can make digital experiences better for customers and employees by driving efficiencies though workflows and providing access to what they need when they need it. It is a progressive platform which can provide enhancements for the ever-changing world in which we work and the digital transformation that goes with that. Just look at the safe workplace suite that was launched to support employees return to work during the pandemic.

The ServiceNow proposition compliments the other Agilisys propositions well and with its integration capabilities can work alongside them enabling system, application and data integration.

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