Meet Trisha Booth, Operations Lead in the Agilisys ServiceNow Operation.

Tell us more about your role at Agilisys.

I’m here to manage the operations of the ServiceNow practice. Whether we’re implementing a new service or carrying out a health check of an existing service, we must manage each and every operation within the best practice, from both an Agilisys and ServiceNow viewpoint. In short, my role is about taking ownership from the point where an operation is sold to where it’s delivered, optimised and handed over, in the best possible health, to our customers.

That brings us nicely to the fact that you’ve been called the ‘customer satisfaction queen’ by past employers, customers and the ServiceNow community! How have you achieved this?

My journey with ServiceNow has been quite different in that my first contact with ServiceNow was as a user. I’ve also worked for other outsourcers who used ServiceNow to provide services through a managed service provider. This combined experience has given me a view from both sides of how to get the most out of the ServiceNow platform and how organisations must avoid being too rigid in how they work if they are to embrace the full benefits of the platform.

By going right back to the basics and asking, ‘why would you choose ServiceNow?’ there are huge benefits to be gained. Many organisations get lost in the mentality of ‘we’ve always done it this way, so we’ll make ServiceNow do it that way’, rather than asking, ‘okay, what’s the business problem we’re trying to solve? What’s the issue that we’re trying to fix? What’s the outcome we’re trying to achieve?’ Working back from that point brings ServiceNow to life and unleashes its full potential.

The ‘CSAT queen’ name comes from being able to sit down with a customer and say, ‘Forget ServiceNow, forget the technology, what are you trying to achieve?’ Having that conversation in a very open, technology-agnostic way is vitally important because sometimes, the technology the customer had in mind – including ServiceNow – might not be the answer. Customers are employing me because I’m an expert, so why wouldn’t I give my opinion, rather than just saying yes to everything. It’s something that you learn through the years of working with ServiceNow and building that trust in the platform and its capabilities.

What excites you most about Agilisys and working in the public sector?

What excites me about Agilisys is the standing it has across the public sector, coupled with the fact ServiceNow hasn’t got much of a footprint across local government, healthcare and blue light services. The ability to bring the benefits that the private sector has been reaping for years to the benefit of taxpayers is potent – and offers enormous scope.

Agilisys has this agile way of operating that’s extremely lean in terms of proposition, which drives value, while at the same time unlocking the enormous power of digital.

ServiceNow enables us to bring all the propositions Agilisys offers together, bolster what they already do, add additional capability and generate further benefits. The opportunities are endless, and that’s immensely exciting.

Following the tough couple of years we’ve had because of Covid-19, is the need for ServiceNow greater than ever?

If any good came out of the pandemic, it was to make organisations and individuals critically evaluate how they work. People are now much more open to change, and they’re much more open to understanding the need for change. However, I firmly believe that if we don’t get our act together and start evangelising – and optimising for that matter – any modifications made, as we emerge from the pandemic we’ll slump back into old ways. I believe people want to get back to some kind of normal, but we need to ensure we don’t take their IT and their business strategies back to the old days because they need to keep progressing forward.

As well as making work better for public sector employees, ServiceNow and the other propositions across Agilisys provide the efficiencies and cost savings that every council, every part of the NHS and every police force is looking for. Let’s streamline, let’s automate, let’s orchestrate and make the end-to-end journey better for everybody because ultimately saving money for public sector organisations saves money for the taxpayer. That’s the beauty of what Agilisys can bring, as opposed to some of the other bigger partners that work with ServiceNow.

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