The need for modern, robust business continuity processes is absolutely essential, especially so in the public sector, where delivery of critical services need to be maintained. Despite this, many councils have not reviewed their disaster recovery plans for critical data in recent years.

A disaster recovery plan more than two to three years old is unlikely to meet the current needs of a modern, agile organisation. ​This is particularly true if it has not been recently validated and comprehensively tested, for several reasons:

  • Protecting and accessing critical data has never been more important: In this real time, information-driven age, particularly with the Covid-19 restrictions, accessing data in order to work flexibly and remotely has become an imperative. Most organisations can no longer work effectively without access to their systems.
  • Traditional Disaster Recovery solutions are becoming obsolete: With overnight backups, offsite tape storage and failover to physical, rented data centres, it can take many days to recover even one or two critical systems, modern public services will not be able to wait for data and systems to be restored.
  • Cloud-based services are replacing traditional Disaster Recovery: Organisations are finding that cloud-based systems are more agile and flexible as well as easier to maintain at a significantly lower price point than on-premise solutions.

In response to these challenges, Agilisys has developed a business continuity rapid deployment programme that delivers cloud-based data protection for local authorities.

The range of solutions enables councils to benefit from remotely deployed, cloud data recovery for key services, within as little as five weeks, ensuring critical data is safe and off-site with the improved ability to restore data quickly. Typical annual savings of up to 50% compared with traditional tape storage and standby data centre​ can also be achieved.

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