Webinar: Rethinking health and social care post Covid-19

January 2021    •   Exact date and time TBC

Join our webinar: Rethinking health and social care post Covid-19
Taking place January 2021 (final date and time to be confirmed)

As we discuss in our recent report, the social care sector in the UK is staring into an abyss of shrinking care capacity and exponentially rising demand, driven by factors such as chronic underfunding and a lack of joined-up thinking, not to mention the unprecedented challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

As we emerge from this extraordinary situation, how will the ways in which care is delivered change? What impact will this have on patients? What role will technology-led transformation play in this ‘new world’?

Our upcoming webinar, featuring leaders from across health and social care, will discuss these questions and more, focusing on the latest innovation, transformation, emerging policy and technology across the sector and beyond.

Crucially, the focus of the discussion will be around the practical steps health and social care providers can take in response to the unprecedented challenges and pressures created by the ongoing pandemic. There will also be emphasis on the technology-led innovation already delivered by our expert speakers.


Alison Hughes, Assistant Director ICT, Customer and Digital, Liverpool City Council

Hellen Bowey, Founder CEO, Alcove

Steve Morgan, Partnership Director, Agilisys


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