Building the digital economy - the ‘fourth industrial revolution’

‘More than ever before, services, including public services and business transactions, are moving online.’ UK Digital Strategy, 2017

There is no doubt that the rate at which the UK’s digital economy is developing is unprecedented.

Organisations up and down the country are in the midst of adopting new digital ways of working, and we’re increasingly seeing that the success of that transformation lies in the inclusion and engagement of both the workforce and customers.

Yet whilst the technology solutions may come relatively easily, how well we take people on the transformation journey, will ultimately determine how successful we are in delivering the shift to digital.

At Agilisys, we know from our own 15 years’ experience, working with some of the UK’s most forward thinking public sector organisations, just how much the digital revolution has delivered.

We are also aware that we are crossing a new digital frontier, into a land where automation and artificial intelligence bring both challenges and opportunities. From the way we as citizens purchase groceries, to how we access and pay for services, we are adopting a new digital literacy.  

With public sector organisations facing the challenge of up-skilling existing staff and attracting the right talent to drive long-term digital transformation, we asked Alison McKenzie-Folan, Deputy Chief Executive for Wigan Council,

‘What does it takes to develop and harness the skills and leadership culture needed to achieve a successful digital transformation?’ 

View our webinar to find out what she had to say.