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Intelligent automation will let the public sector focus on people


Making automation a reality

Simon Perks, Head of Robotics and AI at Agilisys, considers how the next industrial revolution will transform our working lives and why the public sector needs to seize the opportunities ahead.

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From steam to electricity, prior industrial revolutions were all about automating work—but the next one will humanise it too.

The onrush of intelligent automation won’t replace people’s ingenuity, intuition and compassion—but it will enable us to use these very human qualities at work more, rather than wasting our time and money on mundane and monotonous tasks.

This insight goes through the advanced capabilities of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) like machine learning and artificial intelligence; and the steps that organisations should take to implement it. Simon outlines how to take practical steps towards making intelligent automation a reality.

Unleash the innovative capabilities of your organisation and make it a more productive environment for your workforce.