Agilisys attends the Employee Ownership Association’s Annual Conference

Earlier this week Agilisys attended the Employee Ownership Association’s (EOA) Annual Conference, which was held at the Birmingham Metropole Hotel. Agilisys Employee Representatives (ERs) from across the business attended the two-day event, representing our employee owners and looking to learn more about the employee ownership sector.

With over six hundred delegates, the conference was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate Agilisys employee ownership, as well as providing opportunities to network, share best practice and be inspired.

The Employee Ownership sector is growing

An ongoing theme throughout the conference revealed that the employee ownership sector is growing and there continues to be many opportunities to raise the profile and highlight the benefits of being employee owned. Another strong message that came out of the conference was the need to equip employee owners with financial literacy skills so that they understand the value of their business and how they can contribute to it and help it grow.

This neatly tied in with the introduction of a new concept of ‘bite-sized’ leadership and ‘shared’ leadership, which builds on the premise that ownership should be accessible to all and leadership should be shared by peers and colleagues.

What is next for Employee Ownership?

Although still a minority sector, the employee ownership business model is increasingly being considered by many organisations, especially those in the professional services and the sector is seeing tangible support from the Government. Looking forward, employee owned companies are well positioned to lead the debate on the impact of automation on the workforce drawing on the sector’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

With the fifth anniversary of the annual Employee Ownership Day also taking place next year, we will be looking to lead the celebrations and mark the anniversary with fellow employee owned organisations.

Employee Owners are at the heart of Agilisys

Darren London is chairman of the Employee Ownership Trust at Agilisys.

Darren commented:

“It was great to have the opportunity to attend the EOA conference for the first time and to share the successes of other employee owned Businesses. It was important for Agilisys to attend the EOA to feel a part of a growing sector and to learn best practices from other organisations that we can implement.

Agilisys is unique as an employee owned company, given the size of our workforce and the dispersed nature of our operations across the UK. And with this mind, it became clear to me that we have taken great strides in creating our EOT structure and governance and we can be proud of the progress we have made.”

Simon Mounsey is Human Resources Director at Agilisys.

Simon commented:

“The EOA conference was an excellent event. For the first time this year, we had the opportunity for our ERs to attend and that has generated lots of ideas and inspiration from other EO companies that we can relate back to Agilisys. We were delighted to showcase what Agilisys has achieved as an EOT at one of the event workshops. I’m now looking forward to our engagement board later this month where we will be sharing our learnings from the event and helping our ERs make plans for the next steps in our journey”.

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