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Technology solutions

Technology solutions

Cloud Solutions

We help organisations improve their services by delivering the skills, experience and capacity needed to make the right cloud decisions.

Managed Cloud

Deliver new capabilities and optimise performance by removing the burden of managing complex cloud and IT.

Transformation solutions

Transformation solutions

Digital delivery

We live in a digital world. We choose how and when we want to access services and buy products. Face to face, phone, or mobile device, we expect the same customer experience whatever channel we use.

What does this mean for public sector organisations? And does your approach to digital meet the needs and expectations of your citizens?
By applying insight, encouraging self-service and delivering the right citizen experience, find out how Agilisys is supporting organisations like yours to cross the digital frontier and save millions of pounds every year.

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Workforce solutions

Workforce solutions

Digital empowerment

With digital technology redefining the way we work, how is your organisation responding to the opportunities and challenges of a digitally empowered workforce?

Whether your challenge is a shortage of skills and know-how, or a need to define the next digital frontier, Agilisys can support you through nurturing and developing your organisation’s digital literacy and talent.

Discover how our customers are using digital solutions to drive more flexible and productive ways of delivering public services.

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Operational solutions

Operational solutions

Streamlined operations

Are you looking for ways to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity while reducing costs and capital expenditure?

Our extensive experience of supporting public sector organisations to streamline operations has shown us that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

So whether you are considering engaging a partner to manage your entire IT operation, or looking for individual solutions to address those areas under most pressure, Agilisys can help you explore your options and deliver the best solution for your organisation’s specific needs.

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Revenue solutions

Revenue solutions

Effective cost management

With budgetary pressures increasing, public sector organisations are seeking new ways to control costs and manage revenue streams. 
Whether you are looking to improve your revenue collection process, or to unlock efficiencies across your business systems and processes, find out how a whole systems approach could benefit your entire operation.

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Transformation and business change

Transformation and business change

Back Office Transformation

Work with Agilisys to increase efficiencies, streamline processes and improve staff outputs - as well as drive measurable savings.

Digital Customer Engagement

Achieve measureable cost savings by transforming and improving your customer journey.

Customer Experience

We can work with you to improve your customer experience, help you remove barriers to accessing services and reduce your overall cost to serve.

Business Transformation

Agilisys is equipped with the knowledge, experience, insight and technology to transform your organisation.

IT Strategy Development

Agilisys works with you and your team to ensure your IT strategy achieves your goals and effects real change.

Cyber Security

Agilisys supports you to assess, build and sustain your organisation’s security practices, protecting you from ever evolving cyber security threats.

Service delivery

Service delivery

Integrated Customer Management

Improve customer processes, streamline the customer journey and enhance customer service quality.

Revenue Collection

Our suite of FCA authorised revenue collection services enables local authorities to enhance collection services, maximise revenues and sensitively manage collection arrears.


Agilisys Care solutions help local authorities transform social care provision, and allow citizens to better manage their own health and wellbeing.

Quality and Insight

Ensure your customer service and sales operations deliver excellence every time with tailored quality monitoring capabilities.

IT Outsource

Agilisys Outsource is a strategic IT outsourcing service helping to make your transformation a reality.

Service Desk

Deliver maximum efficiency and superior user experience.



Community Cloud

A unique cloud hosting solution for public sector organisations.


A platform that builds on the power of digital self-service channels, to deliver a single view of every customer and realise measurable cost savings.


Meet today's budgetary pressures - and citizen demand for better service - by improving efficiency and managing costs through automation.


Simplify access to information across your organisation and deliver knowledge on demand.


A powerful personalisation platform, transforming your users’ online experience.


With over 80% of citizens accessing services through digital channels, making sure your website is easy to use has never been more important.