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To manage customers’ increasing expectations of flexible and responsive digital experiences, organisations are adopting entirely new service models and embracing a digital and agile culture.

Agilisys CXM consultancy services help organisations establish customer centric self-service models by enabling outcome driven transformation initiatives.

CXM Consultancy Services

With over 20 years focused on the public sector, we understand how to help customers transform their processes, people and technology.

Several of our clients have won awards through the work we’ve done and the support of our team members.

We use our experience to provide end-to-end CXM transformation services and solutions to provide efficient, effective customer experiences while reducing costs, to deliver sustainable business benefits and outcomes.

Our services

Customer experience management

A range of consultancy services to review, define and implement customer service models enabling cost-effective operational services.

Service design

Includes service vision and design principles, user research, customer journey mapping, process redesign and continuous improvement to deliver transformed customer experience.

Digital maturity assessment

framework of digital maturity and IT assessment services to help organisations understand their current delivery challenges to make informed decisions on what direction to take to meet their digital ambitions. 

Digital strategy

A review of organisational business strategy and objectives to set a digital vision for the future. Working closely with your team, we agree design principles and develop a new service delivery model.

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