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We know that decisions made without reference to evidence, however well-meaning or guided by instinct, are ultimately guesswork.

Moreover, service change is often driven by relatively arbitrary savings targets, instead of the other way around. Our cost and demand model for social care helps both children’s and adults’ services to understand their drivers of cost, what is likely to happen in the future, and, most importantly, what they can do about it today. 

social care

The social care cost model is a tool that helps local authorities to see how much social care services cost, now and in the future.

It gives social workers, managers and commissioners the ability to quickly and easily outline proposed changes to services and see their impact. We’ve outlined some of the main features of our model below.

Our modelling work doesn’t replace the professional judgement of care professionals and leaders. Quite the opposite: professionals, managers and leaders themselves can use the model to test and agree the changes they plan to make, and to track their effectiveness.

How does the model work?

Simple to populate

The model uses data from your statutory returns (both children’s and adults’), so it’s easy to populate and refresh.



Power to the people

With just an hour’s training, anyone can develop scenarios for the model using a simple, intuitive form entry process.



Decision science for leaders

Once you’ve collated your scenarios, senior leaders can see their impact and approve or decline to support them.



Your very own evidence base

The model will let you track the impact of scenarios you approve, so you can see if they worked, and plan accordingly for the future.




Transforming social care cost modelling

Learn how social care cost modelling can help local authorities better plan for the future, featuring a live demonstration of the model.

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Why Agilisys?

Agilisys is one of the leaders in data and insight services for the UK public sector. Our team includes data strategists, scientistsarchitects, engineers and developers who are experts in their fields, and who are steeped in decades of experience working in and with public sector organisations, including local and central government, health, and regulatory bodies.

We have a clear focus on delivering success through innovation, developing solutions that utilise a breadth of bleeding edge technology to meet our customers’ evolving needs, and constantly investing to remain at the forefront of technology.

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