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While organisations are increasingly cognisant of the strategic value of their data and the need to derive greater insights from it, knowing where to begin can be difficult.

All too often, data strategies and roadmaps focus only on the technological elements of data transformation, neglecting the all-important people and process changes required to drive a successful step-change in how an organisation harnesses its data.

We leverage our bespoke Data Strategy Framework to develop holistic data strategies and roadmaps which equip our clients with a clear plan for how they can kick-start their data transformation journey, laying the foundations for exciting data-driven opportunities such as the adoption of predictive analytics or automation.

Our approach

Current State Assessment

Through detailed document review and extensive stakeholder engagement, we outline a holistic overview of your current state – what’s working well, and what is hindering progress.

Future State Assessment

Working with your stakeholders, we help to define a clear vision for the future through the use of personas: what would be different, and what would the impact be?

Gap Analysis

Assessing the current against the future state, we indicate the capabilities that require the greatest degree of change.

Roadmap for Change

Drawing on our findings and knowledge of best practice, we develop an action-oriented roadmap for change which outlines a set of prioritised work packages required to realise the future state ambition.

Agilisys is one of the leaders in data and insight services for the UK public sector.

We are proud to have a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team that includes data strategists, scientists, architects, engineers and developers who are experts in their fields. Crucially, this team brings decades of experience working in and with public sector organisations, including local and central government, health, and regulatory bodies.

Our combination of deep sector expertise, technical know-how, and proven methodologies ensures that we are able to deliver data strategies and roadmaps that are expertly tailored to our clients’ specific needs and priorities.


Our services

Data Maturity Assessment

A rapid, low investment opportunity to assess data capabilities, define your organisation’s shared priorities and make informed decisions on your longer term ambitions and investments in maturing your data.

Data Strategy

Our strategies help define a personalised vision for your staff and stakeholders, with a well-defined, prioritised roadmap laying out immediate next steps, long-term work packages and the case for change.

Data Operating Model

Turning strategy into action, our data operating model design and implementation helps you accelerate your strategic priorities, be it organisational design, change plans, recruitment support, policy defining or use case deployment.

Ethical Governance

Increasingly the core questions for public sector analytics are no longer ‘can we’ but ‘should we’. Our ethical governance review assesses the ethics of data sharing, privacy, algorithmic bias and decision intelligence to build trust with your stakeholders.

"The approach, to me, was perfect. By creating working groups around specialism, focused interviews and a steering group with everyone taking an iterative approach towards building the data strategy. With engagement across all organisations and all levels, from SME to Exec, you managed to engage with appropriate detail and ‘coaching’ so the groups owned the outcome.

I have been in public service all my working life and this has to be the best consultancy investment of public money I have seen."

Integrated Care System CIO