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We work with the healthcare sector to help increase efficiency and improve the lives of millions.

We help technology, information and clinical leaders transform the organisations they work for. Through digital technology, we enable NHS trusts to become more efficient, provide better patient care and improve the working lives of thousands of dedicated staff.

Give back time

Cut time wasted by clinicians on inefficient processes so that they can do more of what they do best. Increase moral and retain talented staff.

Improve patient experience

Better healthcare services for a changing population. Decrease referral times and control infection rates.

Do more for less

Cut costs through increased efficiency and redirect savings into cutting edge technology and treatments.


The future of healthcare

If the NHS is to be able to service the expanding needs of a growing population, then the technology that it uses must perform at a better level. It’s no secret that digital services, clinical tools and even basic IT is far behind where it needs to be. The UK government has made it clear that improving technology in health care is of vital importance. It’s not just a ‘nice to have’.

We want to eradicate antiquated hardware and replace the slew of disparate systems that don’t talk to one-another. We want to give NHS staff their time back by integrating digital technology that makes their working lives easier, not harder. We want to make inefficient technology a thing of the past. Only then can clinicians perform at the level that they want to for their patients.

“Investing in excellent digital systems means patients can access the best and safest treatment pathways available, as swiftly as possible at the best value for taxpayers.”

Dr Simon Eccles Chief Clinical Information Officer for Health and Care, NHS England

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  • Give back time

  • Improve patient experience

  • Do more for less