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Organisations are facing several key existential problems:

  • The skilled labour shortage isn’t going away 
  • Work is too complex – and that complexity is increasing exponentially, with organisations being challenged to do more with less 
  • It is imperative to be agile, to be able to move fast and innovate – as the COVID crisis of 2020 has demonstrated
  • There is an exponential pay-off for higher workforce productivity 

Additionally, there are knowledge challenges which must be overcome for organisations to be able to respond to and address the existential problems that they are facing.  

  • Being unable to find information degrades productivity of both individuals and teams, making them less effective 
  • We often see huge disconnected silos of information 
  • The tacit knowledge and expertise often hidden in individuals around your organisation may be largely unidentified and untapped  
  • Intellectual property isn’t controlled or protected properly 
  • Organisations often suffer from knowledge drain when key individuals leave your team or organisation  

 In a world of rapid change, harnessing knowledge empowers people to act quickly, and organisations to be more resilient.  

Project Cortex aims to tackle some of the most pertinent challenges facing organisations across the world. It focuses in on knowledge – how we find, classify and share it. Project Cortex covers three main areas: connecting people to knowledge, intelligently classifying content and automating information protection. SharePoint Syntex, the first Cortex app, will be generally launched in October 2020, and will allow you to intelligently classify your content, automate information protection and develop advanced business automation scenarios.  

Project Cortex Capabilities

Our approach


Our approach to assessment will include both technical / cultural readiness, as well as reviewing existing content, information architecture, security and compliance configuration. This will be aligned to your selected Cortex use cases.


For all Cortex services, we will design specific solutions and configuration, based on your chosen use cases, utilising our technical design authority to ensure our designs are high quality and meet your objectives.


We will configure content sources, provision information architecture artefacts and knowledge centres, build AI models, conduct a proof of concept pilot, test the solutions, refine and then proceed to full implementation.


Once you have agreed and signed-off the design and build we will deploy the selected solutions into production, providing supporting documentation, guidance and support, including change and adoption support. 

Why Agilisys?

We are a recognised Project Cortex Launch Partner and Microsoft Preferred for Content Services, which includes SharePoint Syntex.

We have been a member of the Microsoft Content Services Partner Programme for the last three years, being one of only 24 charter members for the first two years; now in our third year of membership, we have been recognised as a Preferred member, which is a new top tier indicating expertise in Content Services.

Throughout the last few years, we have worked closely with the product engineering teams at Microsoft who have developed Project Cortex. This has not only given us great insight into how the product works, but we have also had the opportunity to preview Cortex – including the newly announced SharePoint Syntex – and have helped shape the product through testing and providing feedback and insights to Microsoft.

Combined with our public sector expertise, our valuable insight into Project Cortex means that we are the primary Microsoft Partner working with UK public sector who can implement and deliver Cortex for you right from the launch.


Project Cortex Readiness Assessment

We can provide an assessment of your organisational readiness for Project Cortex, which will include clear actionable next steps.

Information Architecture Refresh

Our specialists will update your existing SharePoint Online information architecture to enable appropriate content classification and meta data fields for your Project Cortex use cases.

Intelligent Classification and Compliance

Our experienced content services experts will build auto-classification solutions which support intelligent compliance tagging resulting in rapid implementation of information protection and retention.

Advanced Work Automation

Our experts can help you use the metadata extraction capabilities of Project Cortex to drive advanced automation utilising the Power Platform.

Knowledge Management

We can deliver a modern and secure knowledge portal to capture valuable, hidden knowledge and expertise within your organisation and surface this to employees in the Microsoft 365 Apps they use every day.

Cortex Support Services

Agilisys have an established expert SharePoint support service who can provide end-to-end support and management of Project Cortex, which includes SharePoint Syntex.

Turn content into knowledge with Project Cortex

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