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Agilisys adopt the principles of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management’s (CIMC) Prompt Payment Code. That means we pledge to pay suppliers on time.

We aim to pay undisputed invoices quoting a valid purchase order number, within agreed terms for both SME’s (small and medium enterprises with fewer than 250 employees) and larger suppliers (250+ employees).

We pledge to give clear guidance to suppliers

All invoices should be attached when contacting the Accounts Payable team and include the following information:

  • an identifying number
  • a purchase order
  • the supplier’s name, address and VAT registration number
  • the time of supply
  • date of issue
  • the type of supply (eg sale, hire purchase, loan etc.)
  • a description of the goods or services supplied
  • the customer’s name (or trading name) and address.

For most prompt payments and in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint we prefer to pay our suppliers via BACS. We encourage suppliers to include their bank details on all invoices with a valid email address for remittance.

Prompt payment reporting

Agilisys have a duty to report on payment practices and performance as per the Government Payment Reporting regime. We will use this online service to report on progress with payments.

Agilisys will prepare and publish all relevant information about our payment practices and performance in relation to qualifying contracts, for each reporting period in the financial year. Agilisys will ensure that the information for each reporting period reflects the policies and practices which have applied during that period.

Agilisys will publish the report on the web-based service provided by Government within 30 days of the end of the reporting period.

The report will contain all applicable information required by the Regulations and will be approved by a named company director or a designated member.