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QuickAction makes the power of GenAI accessible by enabling secure process optimisation across a wide range of use-cases. Users can access the latest GPT-4 32K model in an encrypted environment, with organisation-specific data, and create repeatable prompts and outputs.

Multiple use cases, in a matter of minutes

Generate customised content from unique reference data and prompts – e.g. create digestible takeaways from lengthy reports, produce summaries and actions from lengthy meetings or check transcripts against quality and compliance frameworks.

Safe & Secure

All input data is end-to-end encrypted and remains in the UK, enabling organisations to securely upload company data to generate fine-tuned outputs.

Saveable & Repeatable

Save prompts and share them across your team, create repeatable 1-click actions and access a library of templates and prompts.

Did Not Attend Solution (DNA)

DNA solution predicts a patient’s risk of non-attendance through DNA or late cancellation. ​In the UK, these disruptions account for 6.4% of hospital outpatient appointments, costing the NHS an estimated £1.4 billion. Our solution optimizes resource usage and reduces the costly impact of non-attendance, ensuring healthcare resources are efficiently directed to those in need.

Automated Scheduling

Assign patients with high-risk of non-attendance to available low-risk slots​​.

Risk Stratification

Prioritise targeted communications to those with the highest risk of non-attendance​​.

Strategic Reporting

See how DNA factors differ for clinical specialisms, locations, and patient cohorts​.

Adult Social Care Suite

Transforming social care through GenAI process optimisation and communication tailoring to address increasing demand and backlog of assessments, ensuring that those in need receive appropriate care.

Care Plan Generation

Pre-populate assessment templates from recorded transcripts and generate the first draft of a care plan, reducing the amount of admin a social worker has to process.

Self-Assessment chatbot

GenAI front-door chatbot for citizens to interact with, that retrieves key information via dynamic questioning and offers local and specific resources and information.

Care Communications Tailoring

Provide citizens with custom, tailored communications based on their age, language and relation to an individual, helping to engage citizens in the social care process.

Explore the GenAI innovation by Agilisys Product

We create market-leading Generative AI products and tailored solutions for innovative public sector organisations.

o Primary Care
o Secondary Care
o Social Care
o Predictive Analytics
o Complaints & FOI
o Business Administration & Customer Services

Your Path to Success for GenAI

Unlock the power for GenAI now

Realise the immense potential of Generative AI by using ready-to-go GenAI products that provide benefit straight away.

Innovate at pace

Explore use-cases and rapidly generate ideas to evaluate potential solutions, create ongoing value via capture, sizing, prioritisation and delivery of key initiatives.

Future-proof your business

Embed strong foundations by developing a GenAI strategy that ensures the right people, process and technology are in place to achieve long lasting value from GenAI, whilst aligning with other related approaches.

GenAI consulting and strategy services

Our ethos is to deliver Data, AI & Generative AI strategy leadership that aligns technology investments with your business roadmap. Our dedicated experts guide you through every step, ensuring a seamless journey towards your desired GenAI goals. We’ll be your partners to navigate what GenAI can do for your organisation.

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AI and ML algorithm development and Implementation

Experience our complete machine learning journey, from strategy definition to deployment.

We guide you through understanding business objectives, data analysis, and building prototypes, all the way to achieving production goals and scaling. Our expertise spans data maturity assessment, strategy, operating model, and ethical governance, aligning technology investments with your business roadmap.

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Our services

Product Lab

Explore our dedicated innovation hub where we craft cutting-edge GenAI products and tailored solutions for forward-thinking public sector organizations.

Agile product development

Our agile approach to product development ensures that we create GenAI products that are flexible and responsive to the evolving needs of organisations.

Product Partnership

We partner with leading public sector organisations to co-develop innovative GenAI products to take to market, targeting major pain-points and opportunities.

GenAI Hackathons

We work collaboratively with our clients to develop innovative prototypes at pace during a structured engagement, illustrating the art of the possible and ensuring value and technical feasibility of potential solutions.

GenAI Strategy & Consulting

Our consulting services guide you through the GenAI journey to achieve organisational goals. We develop GenAI strategies that ensure the right people, process and technology are in place to achieve long lasting value from GenAI, whilst aligning with other related approaches.

Learning & Development

We create and deliver dedicated workshops and L&D programmes to senior leaders in the public sector, enabling our clients to harness and take advantage of Generative AI.

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