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Customer Experience Management (CXM)

Providing solutions and services to help public sector organisations digitally transform through improved customer experience and service efficiency while lowering costs.

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Transform your customers’ digital experience.

Manage your customers’ expectations of flexible and responsive digital experiences.

Your path to success

Enhanced Efficiency

CX management helps public sector organizations streamline operations, lowering costs while ensuring efficient, accessible services.

Digital Transformation

With over 20 years of experience, we offer innovative customer engagement solutions, enabling organizations to meet evolving digital expectations and provide seamless customer journeys.

Sustainable Outcomes

Our CXM services deliver efficient customer experiences, reducing costs, and driving sustainable business benefits, as recognized through client awards.

Optimising public services through CX management

Drawing from our 20+ years of experience in driving digital transformation

As public sector organizations grapple with persistent budgetary constraints, the need to address the surging demand for government services while delivering efficient, digitally-engaged customer experiences is more pressing than ever. Drawing from our 20+ years of experience in driving digital transformation, we offer comprehensive, end-to-end services and innovative customer engagement solutions. Collaborating closely with organizations, we guide them in revamping their services on modern digital platforms. This not only ensures seamless customer journeys but also achieves substantial reductions in operational costs, a testament to the impact of our services as recognized through client awards.

Customer experiences with Service Design

Service Design plays a pivotal role in our CXM approach, aligning services with the evolving digital expectations of the public.

By integrating service visions, design principles, user research, customer journey mapping, process redesign, and continuous improvement, we facilitate a holistic service transformation. Leveraging our extensive two-decade experience, we empower organizations to embark on complete CXM transformation journeys, delivering efficient and effective customer experiences while significantly reducing costs. The outcome is a sustainable enhancement of public services and the achievement of lasting business benefits.

Our services

CXM Consultancy Services

A range of consultancy services to review, define and implement customer service models enabling cost-effective operational services.

Service design

Includes service vision and design principles, user research, customer journey mapping, process redesign and continuous improvement to deliver transformed customer experience.

Digital maturity assessment

A framework of digital maturity and IT assessment services to help organisations understand their current delivery challenges to make informed decisions on what direction to take to meet their digital ambitions.

Digital strategy

A review of organisational business strategy and objectives to set a digital vision for the future. Working closely with your team, we agree design principles and develop a new service delivery model.

Public sector platform

An enterprise digital platform that deepens customer engagement, improves service delivery and lowers costs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Deepen customer engagement and improve service efficiency using Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

Health checks and diagnostics

Our Dynamics 365 health checks enable customers to diagnose and resolve existing issues concerning business processes, user experience, performance and recurring faults.

Where can you use our services?


Improving lives by enabling innovation in healthcare

We partner with healthcare organisations to enhance efficiency, elevate patient care, and enhance the experiences of their dedicated staff through cutting-edge digital solutions. In the complex world of healthcare coordination, we provide customised solutions, merging strategy, design, and engineering to meet unique needs. Our mission is to enhance lives through healthcare innovation, driven by our passion for leveraging data.

Enriching lives via social care advancements

We're committed to transforming the social care sector. We deliver innovative digital technologies to enhance care delivery, support self-managed health and wellbeing, and increase the capacity of social care and health services. We work closely with social care leaders to address their unique challenges and create sustainable digital solutions from design to evaluation.


Enhancing citizens' well-being by empowering local government

We are the leader provider of digital solutions. We work with public service leaders to identify and implement technology that transforms their organizations. Our focus on efficiency helps councils reduce costs and free up staff time to better serve citizens. We're passionate about using data and enhancing the customer experience to improve local government access and services, putting local councils at the forefront of digital technology.

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