The Agilisys Podcast: Accelerating automation and improving citizen experiences

The Agilisys Podcast
The Agilisys Podcast
Austin Clark, Agilisys

In this episode of the Agilisys Podcast we investigate how the new partnership between Agilisys and Soroco, the provider of process discovery, task mining and process transformation solutions, is accelerating automation across the public sector.

Specifically, we’ll discuss how the two organisations are coming together to improve citizen experiences through the use of this groundbreaking technology that is enabling public sector organisations to make genuine data-driven decisions on what, where and how to focus their automation and transformation efforts.

Guests on this episode are Chris Duddridge, Vice President of Sales for EMEA at Soroco; Nina Atwal, Automation Lead at Agilisys and, Simon Perks, the Agilisys Intelligent Automation and Operations Partner.

Areas explored in this podcast include:

  • What process discovery, task mining and process transformation means for public sector organisations
  • Why Agilisys is partnering with Soroco
  • Why the tie-up with Soroco means organisations can now unlock more of automation’s full potential  -and how it is accelerating automation
  • Use cases that the public sector can learn from
  • The areas where the Agilisys team think this technology will be most useful and the challenges it will address