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Putting local government at the forefront of digital technology

We are the leader provider of digital solutions. We work with public service leaders to identify and implement technology that transforms their organizations. Our focus on efficiency helps councils reduce costs and free up staff time to better serve citizens. We're passionate about using data and enhancing the customer experience to improve local government access and services, putting local councils at the forefront of digital technology.

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Agilisys Automation team provided the foundation for self-sufficient automation delivery


Lichfield District Council (LDC) provides essential services to approximately 106,000 constituents, including council tax administration, planning services, building control, street cleaning, recycling, and waste collection.


Agilisys tailored our delivery approach to maximise the value delivered to LDC while minimising the risks inherent at the start of an organisation's automation journey.


Automations deliver 1,254 hours / 209 days of capacity saving each year for staff to focus on servicing constituents. This represents a return on investment (ROI) of approximately 7-8 months

How intelligent automation provided a solution to index Revs and Bens information provided by customers into the core system for processing


Modernising online forms across five categories posed resource challenges, often requiring borrowing resources from other workstreams to maintain workflow.


An Agilisys business analyst documented the process, streamlined forms for a better customer experience, and ensured robust testing before implementing automation.


Automation replaced manual processing, saving over 1,000 hours annually and standardized forms for an enhanced customer experience.

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Improve services with the power of the cloud, facilitating automation and digital transformation.

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Grasp the opportunities of Gen Tech to deliver services in radically new ways.

Improve citizen and employee experiences

Make working life easier and more productive, freeing staff to focus on citizen outcomes.


The future of local government

We partner with public sector organisations to improve citizen services, workforce productivity and security. 

With our assistance, public sector organizations across the UK have have left behind inefficient, outdated and costly technology which often holds innovation back. 

By acting as a trusted advisor, Agilisys helps our customers navigate difficult strategic technology, process and organizational challenges, enabling you and your staff to fully realise the benefits of Cloud, Modern Work, AI and automation, delivering better value for money and a better experience for your citizens.  

How we deliver impact to local government

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