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Healthcare transformation through digital technology

We work with the healthcare sector to help increase efficiency and improve the lives of millions. We help technology, information and clinical leaders transform the organisations they work for. Through digital technology, we enable health and social care providers to become more efficient, provide better patient care and improve the working lives of thousands of dedicated staff.

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NICE Digital and Technology Strategy & Operating Model Review

How Agilisys partnered with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in developing a Digital and IT Strategy and Target Operating Model.


Adopt an enterprise architecture approach to assess the existing application architecture and pinpoint opportunities for consolidation and rationalisation.


Over a period of 11 weeks, we worked on 116 documents, completed 40+ stakeholder interviews, several workshops, and four show and tell sessions.


We defined digital and technology strategy, target operating model and a implementation roadmap over the next four years.


Automating Recruitment for Efficiency and Accuracy

How Agilisys sets the foundation for self-sufficient RPA delivery


We identified multiple automations as necessary to unlock the full potential of the recruitment process.


An intelligent automation solution delivered in iterations reduces the need for manual logging and correcting of information.


Implementing an automated solution has reduced compliance risk and 12 days of saving per year.

Transforming content management and collaboration

How Agilisys transforms content management and delivers a modern content services solution


Aging physical file servers, spanning two decades, presented data unstructured in some areas, demanding extensive analysis.


Agilisys and NHSBSA collaborated closely to meet project deadlines and budgets. Agilisys' approaches facilitated the migration of users and data weekly.


NHSBSA successfully deduplicated and rationalized data from nine file servers, allowing for the decommissioning of costly physical servers. Change adoption ensured users seamlessly adapted to new work practices.

Your path to success: How our services empower your transformation

Give back time

Cut time wasted by clinicians on inefficient processes so that they can do more of what they do best. Increase morale and retain talented staff.

Improve patient experience

Better healthcare services for a changing population. Decrease referral times and control infection rates.

Deliver integrated systems

Power information flows and enhance data sharing across an integrated health and care system to improve the patient experience.

The future of healthcare

To meet the growing population's healthcare needs, NHS technology must improve.

The UK government recognises the urgency of upgrading healthcare technology, viewing it as essential rather than optional. Our mission is to eliminate outdated hardware and fragmented systems. We empower NHS staff by integrating user-friendly digital technology, freeing up their time. Together, we will render inefficient technology obsolete. Clinicians will deliver optimal care when equipped with the tools they deserve.

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How we deliver impact to healthcare

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