Streamlining recruitment at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

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29th June 2023

Download our case study to discover how our Data and Decisions Team strengthened the recruitment process at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust.

Join us to reveal how our automation solution set the foundation for a streamlined and efficient recruitment process. Learn how you could say goodbye to tedious manual tasks and disjointed systems as our team of experts implement cutting-edge strategies.

As Ian Nicholls, eHealth Transformation Manager at Cornwall IT Services, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, attests:”Agilisys’ analysts were excellent at exploring the specific needs of the recruitment team while developing the automation.”

Here is an overview of what you can expect:

• Save time and resources: reclaim 12 days per year
• Future-proof efficiency with reusable components
• Optimal efficiency through a streamlined manual recruitment process
• Uncompromised accuracy and compliance through improved security checks
• Scalable and adaptable solution with flexibility for future enhancements
• Unleash the potential of automation on managed cloud RPA by SS&C Blue Prism

Take a glimpse into a streamlined future. Download the full case study now!

Download the full case study here