Rob Murphy, Account Director at Agilisys, discusses why a culture of inclusion is so important – especially when it comes to aligning with the ethos and culture of our clients and nurturing talent across the organisation. 

When I’m asked the question if I can be myself at Agilisys, the honest answer is yes. From my own experience, I’ve always been really well supported by various line managers and the teams I’ve worked.

I’ve worked at Agilisys since 2004 and can see the company has evolved and there’s definitely been a shift change in people’s attitudes. From my point of view, I now feel easier than ever before to just be myself.

core culture of inclusion 

My colleagues at Agilisys have always been open and welcoming of diversity, a testament to the culture established by Charles, Manoj and Andrew and Sean. When I joined 16 years ago, although the company was made up mostly of male employees, it did have a good mix of ethnicities. And everybody working in the organisation has always embraced that.

I’ve never experienced any challenges with my colleagues. I think that has come from how the organisation has grown and the leadership team we have in place now. Since Andrew has been at the helm, Agilisys has become a much more open place on many fronts. There’s the opportunity for a lot more dialogue and discussion and for people to be open about their thoughts and feelings, which has been recognised in the new Belonging strategy. This in turn helps the company to attract people with an open mindset.

If you’ve got an open, inclusive culture, you tap into a different, wider talent pool. 

And that’s important given what we do as a business – having diversity in our organisation is fundamental to success. Our clients are all different, so we ought to be able to hold up a mirror to ourselves and ensure we are aligned with the ethos and culture of our clients. Councils certainly have always been supportive of diversity, so it goes hand in glove that Agilisys has evolved in that way as well. The same goes for healthcare.

An evolving organisation 

Our organisation is evolving and we’re embracing diversity in all its forms, so it’s great to highlight the different types of diversity in the organisation. Supporting initiatives such as The International Women’s Day activity earlier is a great example. Hopefully over time the messages shared in campaigns become part of the embedded culture of the organisation.

With that in mind, I think it’s important to increase the profile of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and the work it’s doing, because it is making great strides in nurturing the right culture and all of the diverse talent in the organisation.

Ensuring our colleagues feel supported by the organisation can only improve their wellbeing, which in turn contributes to the success of the organisation as a whole.

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