Hisham Shahid tells us about his role as a Service Desk Analyst at Agilisys and his experience since graduating university last year.

How did you get to where you are now? 

I’m now going into my tenth month as a service desk analyst – and I have to say it has flown by! I still remember the ecstasy I felt when I opened my university results and confirmed I had achieved the First Class with Honours in Computer Science that I had been assiduously working towards since I first clicked a computer mouse as a child. That day, connecting via dial-up and experiencing the World Wide Web for the first time, was the day my fascination with technology began. What began as fascination would soon evolve into a compulsion for a tech-related career.  

Despite the dejection at not being able to have a graduation ceremony, due to COVID-19, I took the initial steps of my professional journey

The interview process with Agilisys began with a screening phone call, an informal chat to discuss my experience and future career aspirations. A video interview followed where more in-depth questions were asked and technical knowledge tested. Finally, I received a job offer. This role had originally stood out to me as it allowed me to put my theory into practice in a high-pressure environment, which quenched my thirst to be challenged.

What does a typical day look like? 

Due to the nature of the role, each day varies in terms of tasks to be completed. Whilst all of this is endearing, the most positive aspect of working with Agilisys is the strong core of work colleagues. Being a Service Desk Analyst in which I provide first-line and second-line support for Alliance Medical, is a fulfilling role. Resolving users’ incidents and requests, and the gratitude you receive in return, never becomes tiring

Tell us about your team 

My team members have helped me to quickly acclimatise to the new environment. They are always available to offer guidance and assistance, and their patience is limitless. My team members display levels of determination and commitment that’s inspirational and drives me to perform even better. Our team embodies the values of Agilisys.

What advice would you give someone looking to start their career at Agilisys?

For those that are looking to start a career in the engineering and informatics sector, my experiences have taught me one thing: you don’t have to jump in at the deep end.  

I came out of university and entered into a role to polish my edges and gain some valuable experience – this does not mean I will not be able to progress.  

I am studying alongside my employment and seeking other development opportunities along the way. For example, I am now mentoring new starters for Agilisys under the newly launched Buddy Scheme. I aim to advance myself academically and professionally by working towards accredited professional qualifications. All of this means that I will actually be more capable of taking on bigger roles than the rough diamond that graduated from university almost a year ago. You don’t have to dive into the deep end, you can always swim to it.  

It’s already been a hard road, full of obstacles to overcome. I hadn’t even taken the conventional path towards a degree, though I adapted and ensured I could still achieve my goals. This road has strengthened me and built my willpower. The next step is to progress in my professional career.  

I will not settle for less than achieving my dreams.  

That is perseverance. That is me. This is my journey. 


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