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Life at Agilisys

Hear from our employee owners to find out more about life at Agilisys

Life at Agilisys

Hear from our employee owners to find out more about life at Agilisys

Career progression

Building a long-term career

At Agilisys, we recognise the importance of providing clear opportunities for career development and progression, both for employees and for the business as a whole.

To enable this, we have a clear employment value proposition comprising four core elements:

Culture & structure
The scale of Agilisys, the way we are organised, and the way we go about things make us unique. Our employee owners have a say, have representation, and have a stake in the success of our business.

Growth & opportunity
The pace of growth and change in our business means learning, development and career growth are part of business as usual for Agilisys.

Reward & satisfaction
Agilisys strives to reward performance but additionally offers employees the chance to engage in meaningful work that improves the experience we all have as citizens. 

Performance Management Framework
We have a structured Performance Management Framework, which ensures all employees have an opportunity to give and receive feedback on their work to date; review and set objectives; identify learning and development needs; and assess their skills against the requirements of their role.

The Framework is flexible enough to meet individual needs: Agilisys has grown out of an entrepreneurial culture, and we encourage our employees to develop and progress into new and challenging roles, often of their own creation, designed to fit their skills and our clients’ needs.

Glass door rating of 3.5

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