Azure Cloud Connectivity

Listen to our Cloud experts discuss Azure Cloud Connectivity

New cloud-based solutions are making significant improvements to the way businesses operate; considering the increase in remote and flexible working it is now even more important to start to consider how and where data is being stored and how to enable access from anywhere in a secure manner that protects your organisation.

Azure Virtual WAN is a Microsoft cloud solution, providing simple, unified, global connectivity and security. It has seen to improve accessibility and flexibility with the prospect of significant savings compared to traditional Wide Area Networks (WAN).

During the webinar, Agilisys Cloud Partner, David Wild, and Technical Cloud Architect, Nigel Rowe, explain the features and benefits of Azure Virtual WAN for the public sector, including:

  • What is Azure Virtual WAN
  • What key challenges are facing local authorities with traditional WANs, especially with changes to remote working
  • What benefits Azure Virtual WAN can bring to the way businesses are able to operate, including cost savings
  • How you can get started with Azure Virtual WAN, including a technical deep dive
  • How Azure Virtual WAN can provide a simple, unified, global connectivity and security solution
  • Followed by some useful Q&A from the audience

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